March 1, 2011

Tuesday Review – Johnny One Eye and Stephan

So today I am going to discuss the pros and cons of Johnny One Eye and Stephan from the game league kit.

Johnny One Eye
Johnny is a pretty sweet addition to the game.  So far we have no idea what Badass special rule is but he has a machine gun like the recon boys. The recon boys might be a perfect spot to add him in to the game.
The mysterious Badass rule
Machine Gun
Medium range weapon Hero
Good addition to a anti troop squad
No idea for now what Badass means
No anti tanks


Stephan could bring a sweet strategy to your army. You could assault units quicker for one turn or move up to 4 squares in a single turn.
Anti Tank and anti troop
Has assault ability which is nice for that flamer and can bring a unit with him.
Very short range weapons
Assault is once per game.

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