January 27, 2012

Secret Revealed - Show Off Friday - BBQ Squad Zombie Hunters

That's right folk a Zombie Hunting BBQ Squad. Fully decked out with shotguns flamethrowers and my personal favorite axes to hack and slash the zombies to pieces.

These guys an elites squad of the Allies force. Lead by Sergeant Grimm they are highly trained to combat the toughest of the undead the Axis can dish out. They are a secretive squad that has single handedly taken out dozens of zombie squads and have even captured some for Allies Scientist research.

And the Card

January 25, 2012

Annoucement Secret Project Coming Friday

This is all I'm giving you. The unveiling will be Friday and it will definitely be worth you to tune in on Friday to see.

Hobby Wednesday - Painting the Fury of Ivan by Patrick Doty

Today we have a special guess Patrick Doty he's on the Dust Tactics - Official Facebook Page and has his own DT FB page.

#1 primer black. When dry, over coat with Army Painter British Armour.


#2 Give the whole model an even coat of GW's Knarloc Green. Spray it on if you've got the means to do so.


#3 give the whole thing a good wash of GW's Devlan Mud.

#4 Once the wash is dry, go back and dry brush it with Knarloc Green.

#5 Now add a little (75/25) GW Sunburst yellow to the Knarlock and dry brush that on.

#6 Add some more Sunburst Yellow. Dont just concentrate on the raised surfaces but give the large flat areas, especially those on the front, an drybrush in the center of the panels.

#7 Add decals. You want to this before weathering. I paint on some gloss varnish, I used GW's, before applying the decal. This helps avoid 'silvering'. Also give the stars on the ammo hopers a coat of GW Mecharite Red followed by GW's Blood Red.

#8 Paint the fuel tank looking things GW Bestial Brown and follow that by stipling GW's Blazeing Orange over it. I'm going for a real rusted out look. Paint the exposed metal bits (piston arms, cables, etc.) GW chaos black.

#9 Add a little GW bleached bone to the Blazeing Orange and stipple that on. When dry, give it a wash of Devlan Mud.

#10 Chipping. Take a bit of sponge and shape it into a wedge. A trimmed piece of Battle Foam worked for me. Dip it in Vallejo German Grey and dab off the excess and then apply to the areas that would get naturaly worn.

#11 Another view of the chipping.

#12 Paint the exposed metal bits with GW Boltgun and then was it with GW Badab Black.

#13 another view of the metal bits.

#14 Dry brush chaos black onto the gun ends, the air intake fan on top of the 'bot, and any other ports that need it.

#15 Stiple on some bolt gun onto the fuel cans and paint the retaining straps the same way as you did the metal bits.

#16 On the ammo hopers are what look like exhaust ports. I painted them up like the rest of the metal but then covered about 3/4 of the boltgun with GW's Dwarf bronze, I then covered 1/2 of that with GW's Tin Bitz and painted chaos black over about 1/2 of the Tin Bitz. I also painted a bit of boltgun into the middle of some patches of the chipped paint to make it look like bare metal showing though.

#17 I used Vallejo pigments Brown Oxide and rubbing alcohol to wash the pigment into the reccesses of the model in select areas.

#18 View with a flash, you can see where the pigment was applied a bit better.

#19 Another view.

#20 the finnished model. I drybrushed a bit of GW's Graveyard Earth onto lower panels and around the feet but kept it sparse as this 'bot will be operating in urban setting. I sealed the whole thing with Testor's Dulecote.

#21 The fuel cans done. Prolly a bit overboard but I like the contrast.

#22 The base

#23 The base, you can see some of the Graveyard here.







#30 Time to repel the facist invaders from mother Russia! Uraghhhhh!

 Thanks Patrick with this awesome tutorial.

January 24, 2012

Tuesday Review – Action Jackson

Not too much is known about him other than he’s a Britain who kicks butt with Phasers. He’s in the hero action pack or the summer game night kit.

Armor 3
Has decent anti-tank and anti-infantry
Has assault

No jump pack like his fellow heavy heroes and units.
Weak in combat

Stick him with the Paratroopers they are slow too so he won’t slow an entire squad with not having a jetpack.