June 15, 2011

Hobby Wednesdays - Details and Weathering

So today is most about weather and adding details to you figures.
You will need:
Finished Painted Model
Devlan Mud GW Wash
Gryphonne Sepia GW Wash
Oxide White Pigment Powder Secret Weapon Weathering Pigment
Tamiya Weathering Master Snow, Soot Rust
Tamiya Weathering Stick Snow

First take your model and lightly add Gryphonne Sepia to the model in various places. Make it only just enough to notice do not go overboard on the wash.

Next take Devlan Mud and do the same but even less than the Gryphonne.

Next use the Tamia Weathering Masters and lay on some rust and some soot to the model on the feet, armor, and legs. Also apply oxide white to the whole model it'll give it a chill look to them.

Now finally add the weathering stick to the model mostly on the top of the medal and on the backpack.

You're finally done. Note this is just examples so take these examples and expand them to your personal designs.

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