June 26, 2012

Tuesday Review – Medvedi

Today’s review is for the new SSU The Medvedi command squad like the Boss and Kommandotrupp

Has artillery strike
Is a command squad
Has anti Infantry and Vehicles weapons

More expensive than the Allies and Axis counterparts but given an extra weapon.

June 19, 2012

Tuesday Review – Chinese Volunteers

Today’s review is for the new SSU Chinese Volunteers similar to the Recon squad.

Has Agile
Cheapest unit yet

No anti tank and no MG.

June 12, 2012

Tuesday Review – SSU Airborne Transport

Today’s review is for the new SSU Airborne Transport. This is the first of the air vehicles shown for Dust.

Is an air vehicle
Has hover ability
Can transport
Has decent anti infantry, light vehicle and air vehicle weapon
Has 6 wounds
Has move 2

A lot of the anti air weapons can shoot it down pretty quickly
No anti medium/heavy walker weapons

June 5, 2012

Tuesday Review – Frontoviki

Today’s review is for the new SSU Frontoviki a Close Combat Squad similar to the Allies BBQ.

Has shotguns
Has Sulfur Thrower (Flamethrower)
Has Molotov Cocktails
Good anti tank and infantry weapons
Has assault
Cheaper than its Allies Counterpart

Short range weapons
Limited Molotov Cocktails
Hass assault rather than fast like its Allies counterpart