Official Dust Tactics Cards

Joe 18 points - Recon 15 points
Gunners 20 points - BBQ Squad 30 points
Pounder 40 points - Hot Dog 36 points
Bot Hunters 22 points - Steel Rain 38 points
Mickey 35 points - Boss 40 points
13 Foxtrot 5 points - Crack Shots 10 points
Honey 28 points - Wildfire 24 points
Johnny One Eye 16 points


Sigrid 20 points - Recon 16 points
Battle 21 points - Laser 27 points
Ludwig 40 points - Luther 35 points
Tank Killers 22 points - Lothar 36 points
Loth 30 points - Kommandotrupp 40 points
Beobachter 5 points - Sniper 10 points
Hermann 26 points - Heinrich 26 points
Stephan 18 points

Unofficial-Official Dust Studio Cards
Recommended Points
Jagdluther 60 points - Fury of Ivan 48 points

Unofficial TWC-Dust-Tactics Blog Cards
Allie Tanks




United States




Sino Soviet

 Universal Units

Allies Media Heroes

Axis Media Heroes

Allies Superheroes

Axis Superheroes

Superhero and Unit

Call Of Duty Zombies Heroes



Simplytherob said...

Oh my god! I love the reorginization and costing! Thank you so much!

mr.d.smith said...

Big copy/paste errors. All your panzers MG's have AA ability even when they are co-ax or hull mounted.

arkangl said...

Nope didn't want to confuse anyone

mr.d.smith said...

Why would making the cards correct confuse anyone? it confused me and probably anybody who knows about tanks. Even if players didn't know anything about tanks, just reading the card would show only 1 MG could fire at aircraft, they wouldn't need to know which one on the model it is.

JJ_Pounds said...

Can we get the Manfred and Markus cards uploaded please?

Anonymous said...

The Allied Mech "Barking Dog" has all the main gun numbers bunched up. and can't tell where they should start.

Other than that an AWESOME job. I have set this page as one of my Favorites already

arkangl said...

The barking dog has 6 shots limited ammo like the steel rain has 4 that's why it's bunched up.

Jordan said...

The barking dog looks like its based on the Vietnam era 'Ontos'. On the Ontos (and this applies to US recoiless rifles in general) the weapons were primarily direct fire (aka, not artillery). The Ontos was meant to be a fast tank destroyer, a single hit from a rifle pretty much being enough to penetrate any existing tank and the multiple gun setup allowing rapid fire shots to ensure a kill. But, since there weren't many tanks in Vietnam it mainly fired HE rounds. There was also a flechette round developed for the gun which essentially turned it into a massive shotgun, but I'm not sure if Ontos mounted that. The rifles could also be reloaded by the crew, but it required a crew member to exit the vehicle (much like the petard mortar on an AVRE)

Long Story short, the large (100+mm) recoiless rifles deployed by the US were versatile and powerful weapons (can not emphasize the power, the HEAT round had significantly more penetration than the 90mm gun found on the Pershing) but it wasn't an artillery piece meant for indirect fire. Personally I'd drop A, give it deadly AT values (possibly give it Range 6 or something for balance), All in One, and Reload.

Raskal said...

Very impressive job.
You will release infantry cards fort Sino soviet and axis & allies regular troops ?

Martín Cagliani said...

Hey! Do you have any home made rule about Romero's Zombies? The slow ones. Thanks!

J.M. Jensen said...

Awesome cards!! I especially like the super heroes and fantasy themed creations. Any chance you'll create some conversions for the axis and allies in Tannhauser?

Chris Morse said...

These are superb. Taken the Sherman & Tiger straight away. Can you post blank cards for our own use?

Weird WWII said...

Great additions!


Keyan Sark said...

This is simply amazing. Just discovered it. Thanks, thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Awesome work!! Your efforts have blown the narrative scope of my games off the radar, so much fun!!
I'd really love to see some more of the AT43 range statted up, maybe some Lovecraft too.
Amazing effort all round, thanks!

Black Knight said...

This is great! Are you going to put up SSU cards as well?

M-Rex said...

Would you happen to have an image of the Dust Tactics card back for printing?

Srikanto Bormon said...

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Matte Blk said...