January 11, 2011

Buying extras for Dust Tactics

Extra Things Dust Tactics Players May Want To Buy
If you have played or plan on playing something you may want to by to help your gaming experience. First some new dice if you already have dice you are good but don’t use the dice in the box they are pretty bad. Mine the symbol is off and can unbalance the dice, the hit marker sides are bumped which causes an even less chance of landing on a hit. The dice can just be regular 6 sided dice or actual custom dice and the hit sides are just 1 and 6. Also if you didn’t buy the big box and are buying individual units then you need dice. I was told eventually Fantasy Flight and Dust Games will make decent dice. If you decide to get custom dice or a newer box with corrected dice get a container to put them in, if you plan on keeping them in the box. Otherwise they will get all over the place in the box and you can lose them.  
I got custom dice done at Chessex.com they were $2 a dice up to 25 or $1.50 a dice 26 and over.

Another thing you might want to get is a cheap wall laser leveler. I bought mine at Home Depot for $15. It helps with determining line of sight.

Dry Erase Markers will be nice also for marking the cards with limited ammo. These are cheap at Walmart or Target.
You may want to give yourself a better visual and buy 1/48th Scale History Scenery. This will be explained further in depth in later article.
Optional Things That You Might Need
If you didn’t buy the big box you may want to buy large foam core board(s) you need 33” x 33” worth of board or enough to make 9 11”x11” squares. This will be shown in an article later in the blog.
Also if you would like to magnetize the robots you should buy 1/8” x 1/16” (for guns and accessories) and 3/8” x 1/16” (for torsos and turrets) rare earth magnets. I found these magnets work well for these models. This will be for magnetizing you robots to customize them and have interchangeable weapons. This too will also be explained further in depth in later article.
I found ebay the cheapest for these I got 200 of each for no more than $20 including shipping.

If you’re like me you will want to paint you models so you will need paints. Paints and painting will be discussed later.
Things You Don’t Need To Buy
One thing you don’t need to buy is a measuring tape there is no measuring for this game. At least not yet.
Codexes or rulebooks since PDFs are only of the rulebook and the stats come with the models.

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