January 13, 2011

Homegrown Thursdays

Here's a couple of House Rules I designed that made for my boards and friendly plays.

-When vehicles are destroyed they are not removed from play but instead become rubble. Take of the turret to show destroyed and lay on side. The rubble is impassible and blocks
line of sight.
-Heroes get a cover save just like units. Vehicles get a soft cover when hard cover set up.
-For bigger games the weapons get weaker as they go further distances. To show this for weapons with unlimited range firing for every nine squares it passes through remove one
dice. This does not include 9 diagonal moves as in each one counts as two. Minimum of three dice unless the starting dice is less than three.
-Barbed wire is impassible for infantry and non vehicle heroes. Infantry units and heroes receive soft cover always unless the two corner rule.
-Flight - Ignores terrain when moving. Unit can land on terrain. Heroes can only join a squad with jetpacks or flying ability.

Home Made Units
Today is Captain America, Red Skull, and The Rocketeer. I plan on doing some Superheroes and other Media Characters that were fighting during WWII. I already made these models using Heroclix models that are the same scale as the Dust Tactics Models. Pictures of the models will be out on Show Off Fridays just keep a look out for them on the blog.

Made some updates to the cards.


Tom Crandall said...

I really like the cards.

There is one company that makes a pretty good Rocketeer called TinMan Miniatures.

Another cool company that makes quite a few Rocketmen is Pulp Figures. You can find them in the American section.

For Captain America you could go for the traditional look and pick up a hero clix or do a little conversion on figure. The best figure I have seen for conversion is Reaper Miniatures Sergeant Mack Torrey.

I would like to see a few more cards made
1. Jeep/Truck Card - this would allow units to move faster.

arkangl said...

I have a bunch to release just have to wait dont want to give all my stuff at once. I got more superheroes, tanks, and units.

Tom Crandall said...

I really like the cards. Keep up the great work.