June 30, 2011

Homegrown Thursday

So today's card is a walker I saw a really cool looking. From West Wind Productions they make their own game system. This is the Russian Spider Mecha as they described it I call it the KV-8 Pauk Mehanika Tanka, which means Spider Mech Tank. The KV-8 is for the spider in the name.

June 29, 2011

Hobby Wednesday

So today is how to paint the Tank Trap Set A and B from Dust Models. These can also be used for the tank traps in the Dust Tactics Core Set and Expansions. Now the whole concept is that Concrete is made of a bunch of greys and tans.

Set A
 Set B
Applied Dheneb Stone to the hole model.
 Then dry brushed Space Wolf Grey over it lightly.
 Then washed it using Devlan Mud
 Next lightly dry brush each in the following order: Codex Grey, Space Wolf Grey.
Then take a red rust pigment and lightly brush some on the models in various areas.
Then paint Dark Skin Tone on the Re-bar areas and highlight with blazing orange.
Next I did the bases using Space Wolf Gray to keep to my arctic theme. You can do whatever you want.
Next take Tamiya Weathering Stick Snow or a Soft Oil Pastel and dab it on the top of the model to make it look like the model has snow on it.
Next I clear coated it with a flat coat.
And there you have it.


There will be a hobby article today. There was some bad storms in my area yesterday and I don't like having my computer one when those kind of storms come through because my power flickers like crazy.

Another announcement is that there is a new dust-models.com model ''LMC46'' ALLIED LANDING CRAFT it's a bit pricey but it would look nice to assemeble and put on the tile for a 3D look to the landingcraft.

I've updated my cards page with the newer cards I found posted somewhere else. I temporarily took out my cards due to the fact I am fixing some and redoing the points for the new points system. If you use my cards and want the old points system just use the Armor of the card (+1 for superheroes). 
Also if you haven't seen Operation Seelowe is out.

June 28, 2011

Tuesday Review Honey and Wildfire

So today's review is the Honey and Wildfire for the Allies from the new expansion Operation Seelowe.


Cheap walker
Has a phaser weapon
Can stand its own against Vehicles and infantry
Phaser ignores cover

Armor 3 and 3 Wounds
Phaser Weapon is random with the X and Y rolling. You could get 0 shots or 6 shots for infantry or 0-9 for walkers
No Jump like its heavier counterparts
Personally I think it's slow for a lighter walker

I recommend to use this on heavy cover tables. That way you can ignore a lot of terrain.


Cheapest current Allie Walker
Has Superior Reactive Fire
Very useful anti infantry weapons

Armor 3 and 3 Wounds
Has no anti tank weapons.
No Jump like its heavier counterparts
Personally I think it's slow for a lighter walker

Use again an infantry heavy army. Avoid the heavyier walkers and stick to getting near the infantry.

Next week will be a review on the Heinrich and the Hermann.

June 25, 2011

Superhero Saturday

So today will only be 1 Hero I am in the process of updating the old card to include the new changes to Dust Rules like the points. So today's hero is the Panzerprinz model at Dust Models. He currently is sold out but visit the site weekly to see if its available.

-Tank Commander: Allows a hero to operate a vehicle. If there is a type of vehicle next to Tank Commander then those vehicles are the only ones her can enter and exit. He can start at the beginning of the game on the table or in a vehicle. He gives the vehicle his abilities. He can leave a vehicle and re-enter it. This activates the Hero and the vehicle at the same time. The Hero can only move and the vehicle can only shoot. The vehicle has its own personal radio to call artillery strikes and commands.

If the vehicle is destroyed and the Hero is in it, roll a dice for every wound loss to destroyed the vehicle that turn. For every hit the hero takes that many wounds. If he survives he gets out of the vehicle and goes on as normal. The hero cannot be fired at by the same unit firing at the vehicle. When the vehicle is destroyed the hero gets out on whichever side the controlling player chooses.

For example: On turn 2 you shot a vehicle and wounded it 2 wounds but not killed it. Then the next turn you wounded it and did 2 more wounds to destroy it. The player firing would role 2 dice and any hits deals damage to the Hero.

Tank Commanders cannot Tank Head or Mechanic repair while inside the vehicle, he must disembark the vehicle he is in.

So Panzerprinz can only join walkers with KampfLaufer on the card. Meaning he can join the Loth, Ludwig, Luther, Bergeluther, Jagdluther, Lothar, and Luddolf. When he gets in the vehicle he gives the vehicle Fast ability. He can call artillery strikes from the vehicle. In order to tank repair a vehicle he must disembark the one he is in first.

June 24, 2011

Show Off Friday

Today's Show Off is Myrnir's AT-43 Red Bloks used as Russians. Very nicely done Myrnir.

June 22, 2011

Homegrown Thursday

Sorry for no hobby on Wednesday I have had phone problems and I've been looking for a new cell phone to get. I decided on the iPhone 4.
Anyways today's 2 tanks are the Grille and the Hetzer

June 20, 2011

Discussion Monday

So today I thought I would discuss last week’s release of Operation Seelowe's rulebook. In this rulebook there is a ton of background story to it and how Sigrid and some other assassinated Hitler. Also they discuss the creation of the Zombies and Gorillas.
So the biggest change is that the tournament points are now replacing the AP. This allows for more balance between units as the game gets more complicated.
The next thing they changed is Range C weapons, which is what my FAQ has already mentioned. The C stands for Combat and allows people to know which weapons are combat weapons and which weapons only have range 1 like a 45 ACP.
They also redid the rules for Charge and Damage Resilient. Charge does not get an extra square but allows you to move twice and use all your range 1 or C weapons. Damage Resilient does work with Flamethrowers and happens immediately when wounded. If you’re a current or previous 40k player it’s basically Feel No Pain without limitations.
Another new rule is Reactive Fire. This rule is compared to Overwatch for AT-43 or Necromunda. It a model crosses LOS of your model you can shoot at it before it goes behind cover. The only difference from previous games is that you don’t have to declare it previous turn and you have to roll a dice to activate it. It has its draw backs. 1 if you get a miss on the roll that unit is unusable for the rest of the turn. 2 that unit that shoots can only shoot nothing else for the rest of the turn. Also no sustain fire as this is a quick shot. Also character or units can have advance reactive fire ability that allows them to roll 2 dice instead of 1 and can have superior reactive fire allows them to role 3 dice instead of 1.
A new weapon type is introduced in the rulebook. Phaser Weapons. Now when I read it first thing I thought was Star Trek, but the weapon description is a big plasma weapon. It hurls balls of energy at the opponent. It like the plasma weapons in the Halo video-game series. The damage is unpredictable but can be super heavy. You roll for X and Y and the X is how many shot the Y is how much damage the shot does.
New scenery was added to the game “Structures” they basically rules for 1 level buildings and discusses what happens when your models are in one. The nice advantage is that when inside units shooting into your building have a lot of obstruction of your units’ and gives them hard cover. Also discusses that vehicles can only enter certain building that are big enough to allow a vehicles to fit.
Heroes with Heroic Attack ability basically make them ably to attack and be invincible for 1 turn.
Scout Vehicles allows a vehicle to movie 2 more squares at the beginning of the game.
Wiedberbeleben Serum is a ability only a hero can have the allows the Hero to basically be a vampire when it attacks in combat they can gain life loss.
All units have been give the new points and the scenarios have been updated to show points instead of AP. 4 Unknown Heroes have been listed on the sheet and the Loth is now a legal model for the game.

June 17, 2011

Superhero Saturdays

So today is Call of Duty: Zombies part 2 with Takeo and Nikolai.

Show Off Friday

Sorry been busy with stuff on Thursdays to be able to post on Fridays but, today we'll show BlkDymnd from the FFG forums Captain America he made out of an extra Bazooka Joe he had and the rest of his forces.

June 15, 2011

Homegrown Thursday

Today are some Axis heavy hitter the Brummbar and the Elefant

Hobby Wednesdays - Details and Weathering

So today is most about weather and adding details to you figures.
You will need:
Finished Painted Model
Devlan Mud GW Wash
Gryphonne Sepia GW Wash
Oxide White Pigment Powder Secret Weapon Weathering Pigment
Tamiya Weathering Master Snow, Soot Rust
Tamiya Weathering Stick Snow

First take your model and lightly add Gryphonne Sepia to the model in various places. Make it only just enough to notice do not go overboard on the wash.

Next take Devlan Mud and do the same but even less than the Gryphonne.

Next use the Tamia Weathering Masters and lay on some rust and some soot to the model on the feet, armor, and legs. Also apply oxide white to the whole model it'll give it a chill look to them.

Now finally add the weathering stick to the model mostly on the top of the medal and on the backpack.

You're finally done. Note this is just examples so take these examples and expand them to your personal designs.

June 14, 2011

Operation Seelowe Rulebook is Out

On the FFG website the rulebook has been released for Operation Seelowe check it out. There will be a link soon.

Review Tuesday - Snipers and Observers

So today's review is the new sniper and observer boxes. Both have the same stats just a different name and weapons.
Crack Shots and Sniper Grenadiers
Sniper can pick off specific models in a squad.
They only needs blanks to hit.
Has blank saves for both kinds of cover.
Has Agile special ability
Only 2 men in the squad.
The sniper rifle has only a 6 range so you still need to get close enough to the unit.
No anti tank weapons.
Keep him in the back behind cover. Even if its a ammo crate he still gets a blank cover save so don't waste hard cover. Use to pick off the important people in an army's squads.
18 Foxtrot and Beobachter
Has Artillery Strike special ability.
Has blank saves for both kinds of cover.
Both models have radios rather than a Command Squad thats has one.
No anti vehicle.
Only 2 men in the squad.
If you're gonna take a command squad for artillery strike instead take a couple of these. Use the command squad for better commands and uses. You could also with the command squad make the observers use Artillery Strike again with another walker, if you have a bunch of artillery walkers.

June 11, 2011

Announcements Since I've Been Gone

First I am back from my Alaskan trip. It was fun and gave me a lot of arctic references especially the Glaciers I saw in Glacier Bay. They will soon be added to this blog for references to arctic painting.

Second new units have been announced by FFG and a whole new core game box.

Terrain Tiles

And Updated Cards. If you didn't know there update is that the AP is replaced with the tournament points system points.

Third Dust models has come out with new models too for 1/48th scale (same as Dust Tactics) New figure to pre-order Panzerprinz (there is a bundle for the Jagdluther and the Panzerprinz) and new tiles blank, Allies, and Axis. I plan on getting some for my Superheroes.

Forth I got a post on my Facebook from James that I'm assume he has developed an RPG for Dust with a word document of it all on his page: Postmortem Studios. I'll post the link on the Links Page soon.
Site Here

And finally I got a message from Olivier Zamfirescu and he wrote
Hello Adam, we really love your work on your blog here at the Studio, so we decided to send you a special gift!


When I got home I received a package with Tank Traps Set A and Set B both from Dust Model. They will be used to make a tutorial on how to paint Tank Traps soon.

and this postcard inside.
Thanks a lot Olivier, Paolo, and the Dust Family for making great games(Dust and Dust Tactics), for your support, and for the gift. I hope to support your game more.