June 20, 2011

Discussion Monday

So today I thought I would discuss last week’s release of Operation Seelowe's rulebook. In this rulebook there is a ton of background story to it and how Sigrid and some other assassinated Hitler. Also they discuss the creation of the Zombies and Gorillas.
So the biggest change is that the tournament points are now replacing the AP. This allows for more balance between units as the game gets more complicated.
The next thing they changed is Range C weapons, which is what my FAQ has already mentioned. The C stands for Combat and allows people to know which weapons are combat weapons and which weapons only have range 1 like a 45 ACP.
They also redid the rules for Charge and Damage Resilient. Charge does not get an extra square but allows you to move twice and use all your range 1 or C weapons. Damage Resilient does work with Flamethrowers and happens immediately when wounded. If you’re a current or previous 40k player it’s basically Feel No Pain without limitations.
Another new rule is Reactive Fire. This rule is compared to Overwatch for AT-43 or Necromunda. It a model crosses LOS of your model you can shoot at it before it goes behind cover. The only difference from previous games is that you don’t have to declare it previous turn and you have to roll a dice to activate it. It has its draw backs. 1 if you get a miss on the roll that unit is unusable for the rest of the turn. 2 that unit that shoots can only shoot nothing else for the rest of the turn. Also no sustain fire as this is a quick shot. Also character or units can have advance reactive fire ability that allows them to roll 2 dice instead of 1 and can have superior reactive fire allows them to role 3 dice instead of 1.
A new weapon type is introduced in the rulebook. Phaser Weapons. Now when I read it first thing I thought was Star Trek, but the weapon description is a big plasma weapon. It hurls balls of energy at the opponent. It like the plasma weapons in the Halo video-game series. The damage is unpredictable but can be super heavy. You roll for X and Y and the X is how many shot the Y is how much damage the shot does.
New scenery was added to the game “Structures” they basically rules for 1 level buildings and discusses what happens when your models are in one. The nice advantage is that when inside units shooting into your building have a lot of obstruction of your units’ and gives them hard cover. Also discusses that vehicles can only enter certain building that are big enough to allow a vehicles to fit.
Heroes with Heroic Attack ability basically make them ably to attack and be invincible for 1 turn.
Scout Vehicles allows a vehicle to movie 2 more squares at the beginning of the game.
Wiedberbeleben Serum is a ability only a hero can have the allows the Hero to basically be a vampire when it attacks in combat they can gain life loss.
All units have been give the new points and the scenarios have been updated to show points instead of AP. 4 Unknown Heroes have been listed on the sheet and the Loth is now a legal model for the game.

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