December 27, 2011

Tuesday Review – Heavy Flak Grenadiers

These are the first of the heavy armored soldiers for the Axis. They come in the revised core set.

Damage Resilient
Burst Weapons are good anti infantry, decent anti light tank, and can take out airplanes
Armor 3

Slower compared to their Allies’ counterparts
Range weapons have to reload
Only 3 in a squad
Weapons benefit only from a unit moving last turn.

You could stick Lara in the squad but when they are reloading she has to wait to fire or more. I would keep them alone and allow them to wonder and take out what they can get their hands on. These guys would be good for holding an objective or reactive fire when the enemy is moving always.

December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Hanukkah to all.

And Happy Holidays to all other Holiday followers I missed.

Be safe and hope you get a bunch of Dust presents.

December 22, 2011

December 20, 2011

Tuesday Review – Hans

It’s the Blackhawk’s counterpart in the revised core set.

Scout Vehicle
Very Deadly Anti-Tank
Very Deadly Anti-Infantry

Slower walker compared to the Allies’ ones.
Armor 3
A more expensive light walker
Short range weapons

Take the scout move when able to. Also be more cautious when using this walker he doesn’t have the speed of the Allies’ walkers. I would hide and wait with him. He would be great for holding an objective. The enemy would be forced to get up close and personal with him and not like the results.

December 15, 2011

December 13, 2011

Tuesday Review – Hell Boys

These guys are a better BBQ squad with 2 flamers instead of 1. They come in the revised core set.

2 Flame Throwers
3 Shotguns

No demo charges
All short range weapons in this squad

Like the death dealers I would leave them to do what they do best blow up whatever gets in their way. I would move constantly to get as close as possible but also maintain cover advantage while doing so. I would say Rosie would be the best suited hero to join this squad because she could as a bit more fire power when it comes to tanks.

December 8, 2011


 I have made a new release of Army Builder it has all the units to Cerebrus including Angela and Chef. Go on the links page at the bottom is a link.

Also Unofficial Dust Cards have been released on website. If you have the models of would like to have the cards just go on the website and order them. On the official Dust Tactics Facebook Page (Not Mine) Paolo Parente has posted the Otto card for people to download themselves. I will have these cards up on my blog. They are not official and do not have points value. Fill out the poll on the side for what you think the points value should be I will be posting more polls later. Army builder also has these cards on the files. I'll also be doing reviews for them.

Within the next week or so the Heavy Walkers should be released keep posted for further info. Dust Warfare will also hopefully be released this month. I am working on the Army Builder file to get it ready for Dust Warfare. Since it is a must buy book to play Dust Warfare my stuff for Warfare will be go to page blah for rules. Stats will still be up on the army builder.

FFG is looking for Volunteers to show off their models and give tutorials if you have any take some picks and email it to them. There is a post on their site about it. If you would like for me to post it on here feel free to email me and they'll be up on the following Friday.

With it being the Holiday Season and a cousin dying of cancer, TWC may be a little slow on posts in December. I am trying to get back to schedule with my postings. I'm looking for some help so if you'd like to become a regular poster on my blog feel free to email me. I'll give you complete freedom to post anything Dust related.

I have a surprise for you guys with some models I painted you should be very excited to see them when I get them posted. They have custom conversions and an unique paint job unlike any of the Dust. I'll later be doing a couple of how to on the techniques I used when I get a chance.

I'll keep you posted as further stuff comes up. Stay Tuned Dust Fans.

Homegrown Thursday - Challenger

Today's Tank is the UK's Challenger. It's a reprint. Enjoy

December 6, 2011

Tuesday Review – The Hammers

A heavy assault squad with a punch. They come in the revised core set.

Armor 3
Move 2
Anti-tank and Anti Infantry Weapons
Fairly cheap heavy squad

Only 3 models
All weapons are combat weapons so they have to get really close

Put rhino in this squad he makes a perfect hero for these guys. OZZ 117 could also be perfect a unit could flame another unit then punch what’s left of them.

November 29, 2011

Tuesday Review – Blackhawk

Enclosed walker with deadly missiles that help support the army. It comes in the revised core set.

Has All in One
Cheaper tank with a lot of fire power
Has good anti tank and infantry weapons

Armor 3
Short range weapons at range 2 you would have to get really close to a tank to damage it

Hide and move close to enemy units. Don’t hesitate to shoot when able to.

November 28, 2011

Announcement - New Card for the Mickey AFV

Apparently someone from decided to start putting out cards for stuff they make. First and hopefully more to come is the Mickey AFV. Thank you Kent for your posting. As you see there are new abilities for this walker and no point value. I would use my AFV's point value for this. For now I would use the abilities as followed: crane I would say it allows you to pick up and move a tank trap, Engineer Vehicle gives it mechanic ability to remove 1 HP from a vehicle, recovery vehicle allows you to recall a vehicle that has perished like the Mechanics second ability. I would say points are 40 points for the cost roughly a bit more than the Loth due to the repair abilities.

November 27, 2011

Announcement Tank Card Update

I've been updating the cards again to suit the stats better. Currently have only the US Tanks updated. Check them out. I also add 3 new tanks. 1 Canadian Tank (Ram) and 2 Australians Tanks (Sentinel and Sexton). Feel free to comment on them if you'd like. I am in the process of getting out the current Axis cards and Russians. Also in light of the Red Devils release I am switching the tanks card releases to have some more British tanks. They should be out every Thursday until I run out then I am switching back to Russians (unless they come out sooner than later then I'll swap each week).

November 22, 2011

Announcement - Dust Tactics Campaign

Justin from the Portland Dust Tactics today released his Beta of a campaign check it out for yourself. I am currently working on one but will not release it until the new Dust Warfare is released.

Dust Tactics Campaign

Tuesday Review – Death Dealers

This unit is a little unique. They come with a MG and a Bazooka.  They make for a well balanced unit. They come in the revised core set.

Has great anti tank weapons.
Has great anti infantry weapons.
Can shoot out a tank and a squad in the same turn and destroy it without assistants from a hero

While the bazooka is great it only does 3 damage to a vehicle which makes it take 2 turns firing at a vehicle.
No special abilities or Grenades

This squad could be left by themselves and do what they need to do. I’d recommend sticking them behind a tank or in a tank trap so they can benefit from cover and support the tank or wait to unleash hell on any unit that comes in LOS of them.