December 22, 2011

Homegrown Thursday - Churchill

Today's Tank is the UK's Churchill. It's a reprints. Enjoy.


mr.d.smith said...

The Churchill has 2 MG's, 1 co-ax and 1 in the hull.

arkangl said...

All hull and co ax weapons are ignored i do not want
To make the game complicated so thats not getting added to rules. And yea i musta acidentally deleted the second mg. so stop questioning the co ax please its not being added to the rules unless dust studios does it. A perfect example of this is the hull mounted 30 cal how it can shoot any direction while facing forward

mr.d.smith said...

Sorry Ark thought I was helping. You say you accidently deleted the 2nd MG and then you say ignore them anyway but you have co-ax's on other cards as well - I'm just confused which way you are going as you are not consistant over your cards. The reason Dust cards don't have rules for co-ax is because none of their models have them, it doen't make things complicated, it just adds an MG. Not sure why you mentioned the hull mg?