January 26, 2011

Hobby Wednesdays - How to Paint Allie Infantry

To Paint Figures You Will Need:
Camo Green
Dark Angels Green
Codex Grey
Chaos Black
Devlan Mud (Wash)
Gryphonne Sepia (Wash)
Space Wolf Grey
Badab Black (Wash)
Bestial Brown
Scorched Brown
Dark Flesh
Tallarn Flesh (Foundation)
Skull White
Asurmen Blue
Kommando Khaki
Boltgun Metal
Mithril Silver
Scorched Brown
Bleached Bone
Baal Red (Wash)
Round 2 1 0 1/0 2/0

If you know how to drybrush and want to you can with the 2 or 1 brush for the green otherwise you do not need the 2 for drybrushing. You will need to 1 drybrush for bigger areas of washes. You will need a 1 0 1/0 and 2/0 for painting. 1 and will be for base colors and fine detail washes and 0, 1/0, and 2/0 are for details.

Today’s Painting is just the basic painting no details like symbols or squad distinction.

First thing I did was determine what colors I wanted to do my models. For my MG squads I did one with green clothing and white armor and one with green clothing and black armor the pictures will be posted Friday. For my Rocket Squads I am doing them in their white smocks and have green underside. Their armor will be Metal.

Where the green was going to be I washed with Devlan Mud.

Then I went over the areas with 1:2:5 Chaos Black, Dark Angels Green, and Camo Green.  That’s the closest color I found to the primer color. You may have to add some more or less of Camo Green so I would do 3 drops mix it and add a drop at a time and mix until you have the color. Then I went over that with 1:2 Dark Angels Green and Camo Green.  Green is done.

Now the tricky part is the white smocks. I base coated with Space Wolf Grey. This builds up the colors to make a pure white. Next I applied 1:1 Space Wolf Grey and White and washed with 3:1 Water Asurmen Blue. This gives a diluted light blue color and brings out the shadows. I reapplied the 1:1 Wolf Grey and White and highlighted with White. When you are done you should get a bluish white color.

Now the for the boot coverings, the gloves, and the fur in the hoods I did a reverse highlighting which means I started with a light color and highlighted with a dark. I painted the boots Kommando Khaki. The washed with Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia in that order. Then I highlighted it with Bestial Brown. It gives the browns a nice leather look to them, but looks great on any brown.

Next I did black. I painted the boots rubber shoe parts and the guns stock parts straight Chaos Black. Then I highlighted it with 1:1 Chaos Black and Codex Grey, then again 1:2 Chaos Black and Codex Grey.  Black is done.

Next I did the metallic. I painted the Goggles rim, the Gun’s metallic parts, the armor, and if there is a Shovel on the back pack it too with Boltgun Metal. I washed the metal with Badab Black. Then went over the wash with Chainmail and Highlighted with Mithril Silver. Metallic is done.

Now for faces. I start with Tallarn Flesh. Then put a 10:1 water dark flesh wash. Then a 15:2:1 Water, Scorched Brown, and Chaos Black. Then applied 2:1 Tallarn Flesh and Bleached Bone. Then Highlighted with Bleached Bone. Then highlighted with 1:1 Bleached Bone and White. To show more realism I did an asurmen blue wash where under the eyes a little would be and baal red on the lips.

Now you have painted a figure only 4 left to go for that squad.

After you are done painting you should clear coat you figures I would use a flat varnish spray if gives it a realistic look and not show glossy


I like to do one color at a time and paint that color on all my figures before I move onto another color.

Remember to have 2 cups of water on for regular color and one for metallic colors. Otherwise your regular colors with have a metallic sheen to them.

You can do as many highlights as you would like to make it more realistic I just showed the basics. Greens you could build up to Rotting Flesh, Blacks to Codex or Fortress Grey, Browns to Khaki, and Flesh to White. I wouldn’t do metallic highlights past Mithril Silver because that would involve using white.

Remember to water down your paints not too much otherwise you will just get a wash but enough to make the paint flow off of the brush smoothly. You may want to get a cheap model like a heroclix or something and practice if you are a bit rough on painting.

Also these colors are just the basics for allies you can do them in any different combinations I just choose these for my squad and use for an example. You can also do camo on your men using these combinations and making patches.

Later I will show detailing you models like adding symbols and a worn look to the armor. 

Pictures Below Show Step by Step. Sorry Some of the steps are missing when I took the pic it came out blurry and I can't exactly go back if I already moved on to the next color. You should still be able to get it if you follow the instruction and the pictures.

My Paint Area


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