January 16, 2011

Sunday Play by Play

Saturday Night Game
My friend Alex and I were going to go see Green Hornet and we had an hour to waste so we decided to play a quick game of dust. So before I just do random scenarios I thought I would do all the scenarios once in the book and show a play by play for them.
Set Up
First scenario is Reconnaissance. The only difference my friend and I did was we used all 16 points in this game. So my friend chose Axis and Attackers while I chose Allies and Defenders.
So first was setup of the Scenario.

Then the second thing to do was deploy he win the dice roll to deploy first and he spread himself apart while I kind of clumped together.

First Turn
So first turn I won the dice roll and it was basically a move turn. Most of our units double moved. I did not move my Hotdog to protect it from the Luther and Ludwig Cannons. All my units moved right up and stayed behind cover. My friend didn’t know what my hotdog was going to do so he moved his units 1 move. His Laser squad ran up as fast as possible. My Pounder moved on the outside keeping away from the heavy cannons.

Second Turn
Second turn my friend won the dice roll after roll at least 10 times. His first move was to move was to double move the Luther. Then I moved my flamer squad once flamed it and dealt 4 lucky hits from the flamer on the tank and used my fast move to go behind cover. Next He moved his Ludwig double also where I moved Joe and the MG squad double. Then he moved his laser squad closer into range and unleashed the lasers from Sigrid and the others on Joe squad using berserk to reroll his attacked. He dealt 4 hits to the squad and Joe and the MG remained. Then I moved my rocket squad and dealt 3 lucky hits to the Ludwig. He moved his MG squad closer to shoot my Flamer Squad and I moved my Hotdog to closer. His MG squad doubled to help against the flamer and my pounder moved to set up for next turn.

Third Turn
Third turn my friend won the roll and fired with the Ludwig at the rocket squad killing 2 men. Then I returned fire not damaging it. The he fired with his laser squad and not being able to fire able to damage the squad. Then I returned fire with the Pounder almost wiping out the squad all that was left was Sigrid. Then his rocket squad fired at my flamer squad and killed 3 men and I sustained fire the MG squad at the laser squad killing Sigrid. His MG squad moved to try to help the rocket squad and I moved my Hotdog to fire at the rocket squad killing 2 men. Then I used the AR on the flamer squad and fired at the rocket squad not damaging it.

Fourth Turn
Fourth turn my friend won the roll and fired the Ludwig at my Rocket Squad killing 2 men and leaving the rocket himself. I returned fire and destroyed the Ludwig. Then his rocket squad shot my flamer squad and finished them off. My hotdog flamed the rocket squad and killed the remaining men. He then moved the MG squad closer to my Hotdog. Then I moved the rest of my men closer to the MG squad.

Fifth Turn
Fifth turn I won the roll and moved my hotdog a step closer to the MG squad and fired at the MG squad killing 2 men. Then he moved closer to me and used the Panzerfaust dealing 2 hits to the hotdog. I moved the pounder closer and the rocket squad closer to the MG squad.

Sixth Turn
Sixth turn was pretty much you won so I’ll let you kill my guys and my Hotdog flamers the MG squad killing what was left. Victory to me.

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