January 24, 2011

Discussion Mondays

Using Other Games' In Dust Tactics

Some people have been using other company's games' models as part of Dust. My thoughts about it are go ahead the more models you can add to the table will make the game more exciting and play differently. Now there are some things you need to thing about when playing with these models.
1) Does this model relate to the WWII look? I've been seeing people use AT-43 models and while they look great most of the models are very sci-fi so be aware of that.
2) Something you won't see as a card I make will be a Superman one. Why? Because it would be like got slapping the Nazis. He's way too powerful to be in the Dust universe.
3) Use the same scale or slightly smaller. The models need to be the closest scale otherwise they won’t look right next to each other. Dust figures are 35mm and the vehicles are 1/48th scale. You may be also able to use 28mm hero scale models like Warhammer scale.

I’m just saying don’t go overboard on models and making rules for them. You want to have fun on both sides not just one side. Making the game balance is very important for the game. When I create these cards I make a counter balance, by either making an equal or bumping up the points. I also don’t make the units be gods on the table. At 10+points the superheroes may be overpowered compared to the other units but you can get 4 squads for one hero. Have fun creating new units and expanding the Dust universe.

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Anonymous said...

Here is something I have been working on for a while and the Dust Tactics format works well for what I am hoping to accomplish. I am using the board and rules to play Rifts rpg. I am making unit card (thanks to your template) for other units/creatures. With this format I can play one of the most complicated yet fun games with simplistic rules. I get the best of both worlds and when more stuff comes out for Dust Tactics everyone will be ready for the campaigns and know how everything works. Not to mention with the dynamics of Rifts encompassing just about every game out there I have very little conversion. Just have to make sure stuff doesn't over power the basic characters. Much in the same way your super heros would if you let it.