October 31, 2011

Announcement - Contest

Paolo Parente is going to be holding a conversion contest on the Official Dust Tactics Page on Facebook. He says it will take place during December so keep a look out for it. The link to the Facebook page is under the link section of the blog.

October 29, 2011

Superhero Saturday - Iron Man

So I know what you're thinking Tony Stark and Iron Man were not during WWII, but Howard Stark was. So I decided to come up with something for him. I used the Ultimate Iron Man due to it looks so much like the Axis suits that went a bit further in the technology idea.

Once the U.S. stole the Alien Technology from the Axis Howard Stark was one of the first to Experiment with the new alien tech. He used the VK to make his armor powered and he was the first to use jetpack-less armor suit. His ideas were used to help make the suits the Allies use now but before Stark could give them the full blueprints the Axis stole part of the armor sketches and wouldn't allow the Axis or Allies to use the full suit idea. Only bits and pieces of it so his would be original and the only. His armor is the current only armor to use the full extent of the alien tech not even the Axis have advanced this far.

October 26, 2011

Announcement - Hero Cards

Just a quick announcement I have uploaded the hero cards from Saturdays. I also have updated the rules so up might want to redownload them and look at the new abilities.

Halloween Special - Ghost Town Mission

Today I have a mission for you Ghost Town. Hope you enjoy its part of my Halloween special. The scenario is also under the links page.

Ghost Card

October 23, 2011

Halloween Cards

Sorry there hasn't been many posts I've been sick this past week.

As for these I decided to release them all are once.
Rules for Monsters

Monsters can only be joined by a monster hero of the same kind.


Demon - These monsters are summoned to the battlefield and do not enter from the table edge. The instead are placed within 1 tile of a friendly model.

Instability - When lesser demons are summoned they are not stable and can phase out just as they phased in. Every round turn roll a dice for each model with Demon ability.

Greater Demon - When a hero has this special ability it allows the other lesser demons to stay in reality. As long as the Greater Demon is alive at the end of each turn the Lesser Demons do not have to roll for instability. He does not also have to test for instability.


Werewolf(ves) - These monsters are big ferosious monsters. But they must be transformed from a unit. To represent this choose a squad at the beginning of the game. Each round turn roll a dice for each squad with Werewolf ability. On a blank they transform and all weapons and abilities are replaced with the ones on the werewolves' card. Once they transform these must always double move toward the closest enemy model they can damage and assault the unit when able. At the end of the next turn after they transform roll a dice on a hit they transform back retain all weapons and abilities of the original unit. When a werewolf is in human form it gets an extra dice using combat weapons.

Werewolf Hero - The werewolf hero does not transform like the lesser ones. Instead he stays the monster he is the entire game and does not transform another model into him. Lesser werewolves do not transform back if he is still alive at the end of each turn. He also does controls his fellow werewolves and they do not have to double move toward the closest unit each turn.


Vampire - These blood crazed monsters that when they bite their victim the victim could become a vampire also. When a vampire inclicts a wound in combat roll a dice on a hit the victim becomes a vampire minion and any vampires minions created in a combat become a unit.
Vampire Minion
Move 1 Armor 2 HP 1 per model
Fangs 2/1 1/1 1/1 - - - - - - - - - - -
Damage Resilient

Monster Hunters:

Monster Hunter - These heroes are specially skilled in killing their specific monster. What ever kind of monster or blutkreuz the monster hunter has listed it can alway perform a sustain attack when attacking them. The monster is also denied his damage resilient roll if available.

Inquisitor - an inquisitor is someone sent by the church themselves he has the highest authority in on the battlefield and an expert at killing any monsters. He has a monster hunter ability of all monsters including Zombies and Apes.

Happy Halloween Everyone

October 11, 2011

Halloween Special - Buidling Your Own Dust Armor

So today's Hobby is Dust allies' armor. It will only be showing the chest armor today. So I can't really give you a template to use because it would be different for each person. I used foam core to made the armor. The best way to get measurements is to lay on the foam ore and get you shoulder to arm pits marked, your waste marked, and your neck then connect the dots with curves.
I can give you what I made for the front. I put extra to the end to trim when I fit it.
Next is the back same thing applies.
To bend the foam core by making cuts on the backside where the armor is to bend. Here's an example of what I did.
Next will be the shoulder pads.

October 5, 2011

Announcement – Month of October

So we are in October and for the entire month I am going to do some articles surrounding Halloween theme. I have some conversions lined up for it and a special surprise how to article.

I am supposed to be hosting a Dust Demo Day at Groovy Gecko’s Comics and Game that month also. I will give you the details when they come.  Remember if you have an event click the form page or you would like to see if any events are in your area check the calendar page out.

End of this month is also rumored for the release of Dust Warfare the Rulebook and the British Paratroopers and the Heavy Recon Grenadiers.

Announcement - Dust Event in Kennesaw, GA

Details are on the event calender and the address is in the store finder. It is this Saturday at Hobbytown USA Kennesaw.

October 4, 2011

Tuesday Review – Rhino

Today’s review is the Allies hero from Revised Core Set, Rhino. He and his hammer squad are perfect counterparts to the Axis Gorillas and Markus. They are the toughest close combat unit so far in the Allies army.

 Armor 3
His heavy rocket punches are good anti tank and anti infantry.
Has berserk and Jump Special Abilities.

All weapons are close combat
Doesn’t have damage resilient compared to its revised core counterpart.

Stick him with the hammers and move as quickly as possible until you get to a until and assault when possible.

October 3, 2011

Monday Discussion – Heavy Infantry Army Building

There is now an increase of the use of heavier infantry. These guys have armor 3 and carry some weapons unable to be carried by the armor 2 infantry. Today I’d like to discuss army building using these heavy soldiers and why to not over use them and balance your army out. Number one thing is I would recommend using a heavy armored hero to go with the squad(s) to add extra support and wounds.
While heavy soldiers seem to be better in terms with the game, they cost more than the regular armor 2 guys. It’s ok to take an all heavy army but note that you will be outnumbered by a horde of guys who can still take you down in a single shot.  The ratio per heavy/average soldier is 3:5. If you play 40k this army type is similar to an all terminator army. While all terminator’s can be effective you just cannot bring an average army to the table and expect to win. Some recommendations for an all heavy army are to bring more walkers than you would for a lighter army. You could bring the light walkers and they would help each other out with support. Balance out the types of heavy infantry. Don’t just bring tank hunters. Bring an balance number of guys. If you have an odd number of units bring an extra anti infantry over anti tank. While the anti tank is more effective against tanks remember you’re outnumbered by infantry.

Another army building strategy is mixing armor value in an army. This might be more effective than the all heavy army or at least easier for army building. Again keep the same strategies for army building. Balance yourself for infantry and vehicle damage. Best thing might be to use the heavy ones for specialist squad to take out tanks or have a purpose while the lighter ones are for infantry and general purpose or vice versa. You should have only a few squads of heavies to help out.  I would think about them as a elite or heavy support choice in terms of 40k.