October 23, 2011

Halloween Cards

Sorry there hasn't been many posts I've been sick this past week.

As for these I decided to release them all are once.
Rules for Monsters

Monsters can only be joined by a monster hero of the same kind.


Demon - These monsters are summoned to the battlefield and do not enter from the table edge. The instead are placed within 1 tile of a friendly model.

Instability - When lesser demons are summoned they are not stable and can phase out just as they phased in. Every round turn roll a dice for each model with Demon ability.

Greater Demon - When a hero has this special ability it allows the other lesser demons to stay in reality. As long as the Greater Demon is alive at the end of each turn the Lesser Demons do not have to roll for instability. He does not also have to test for instability.


Werewolf(ves) - These monsters are big ferosious monsters. But they must be transformed from a unit. To represent this choose a squad at the beginning of the game. Each round turn roll a dice for each squad with Werewolf ability. On a blank they transform and all weapons and abilities are replaced with the ones on the werewolves' card. Once they transform these must always double move toward the closest enemy model they can damage and assault the unit when able. At the end of the next turn after they transform roll a dice on a hit they transform back retain all weapons and abilities of the original unit. When a werewolf is in human form it gets an extra dice using combat weapons.

Werewolf Hero - The werewolf hero does not transform like the lesser ones. Instead he stays the monster he is the entire game and does not transform another model into him. Lesser werewolves do not transform back if he is still alive at the end of each turn. He also does controls his fellow werewolves and they do not have to double move toward the closest unit each turn.


Vampire - These blood crazed monsters that when they bite their victim the victim could become a vampire also. When a vampire inclicts a wound in combat roll a dice on a hit the victim becomes a vampire minion and any vampires minions created in a combat become a unit.
Vampire Minion
Move 1 Armor 2 HP 1 per model
Fangs 2/1 1/1 1/1 - - - - - - - - - - -
Damage Resilient

Monster Hunters:

Monster Hunter - These heroes are specially skilled in killing their specific monster. What ever kind of monster or blutkreuz the monster hunter has listed it can alway perform a sustain attack when attacking them. The monster is also denied his damage resilient roll if available.

Inquisitor - an inquisitor is someone sent by the church themselves he has the highest authority in on the battlefield and an expert at killing any monsters. He has a monster hunter ability of all monsters including Zombies and Apes.

Happy Halloween Everyone

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