November 29, 2011

Tuesday Review – Blackhawk

Enclosed walker with deadly missiles that help support the army. It comes in the revised core set.

Has All in One
Cheaper tank with a lot of fire power
Has good anti tank and infantry weapons

Armor 3
Short range weapons at range 2 you would have to get really close to a tank to damage it

Hide and move close to enemy units. Don’t hesitate to shoot when able to.

November 28, 2011

Announcement - New Card for the Mickey AFV

Apparently someone from decided to start putting out cards for stuff they make. First and hopefully more to come is the Mickey AFV. Thank you Kent for your posting. As you see there are new abilities for this walker and no point value. I would use my AFV's point value for this. For now I would use the abilities as followed: crane I would say it allows you to pick up and move a tank trap, Engineer Vehicle gives it mechanic ability to remove 1 HP from a vehicle, recovery vehicle allows you to recall a vehicle that has perished like the Mechanics second ability. I would say points are 40 points for the cost roughly a bit more than the Loth due to the repair abilities.

November 27, 2011

Announcement Tank Card Update

I've been updating the cards again to suit the stats better. Currently have only the US Tanks updated. Check them out. I also add 3 new tanks. 1 Canadian Tank (Ram) and 2 Australians Tanks (Sentinel and Sexton). Feel free to comment on them if you'd like. I am in the process of getting out the current Axis cards and Russians. Also in light of the Red Devils release I am switching the tanks card releases to have some more British tanks. They should be out every Thursday until I run out then I am switching back to Russians (unless they come out sooner than later then I'll swap each week).

November 22, 2011

Announcement - Dust Tactics Campaign

Justin from the Portland Dust Tactics today released his Beta of a campaign check it out for yourself. I am currently working on one but will not release it until the new Dust Warfare is released.

Dust Tactics Campaign

Tuesday Review – Death Dealers

This unit is a little unique. They come with a MG and a Bazooka.  They make for a well balanced unit. They come in the revised core set.

Has great anti tank weapons.
Has great anti infantry weapons.
Can shoot out a tank and a squad in the same turn and destroy it without assistants from a hero

While the bazooka is great it only does 3 damage to a vehicle which makes it take 2 turns firing at a vehicle.
No special abilities or Grenades

This squad could be left by themselves and do what they need to do. I’d recommend sticking them behind a tank or in a tank trap so they can benefit from cover and support the tank or wait to unleash hell on any unit that comes in LOS of them.

November 15, 2011

Tuesday Review – Lara

This is the hero from the Dust Tactics Revised Core Set. She’s the first of the axis to have a heavy suit. She comes in the revised core set.

Armor 3 Hero
Has Assault
First Hero to have Damage Resilient
Weapons are great for anti infantry and first hero to be able to take out some airplanes
Fairly cheap for all the abilities and weapons

No Anti-Tank
Only 4 Wounds

Stick her with either the heavy laser squad or the recon squad.  Use her assault ability to get close quickly and unleash on infantry units.

November 8, 2011

Announcement - Just a Few

First is a new article from Andy Chambers under the Dust Warfare section.

Second is I got a chance to playtest Dust Warfare so look for my name in the Thanks section of the page. That's what I've been busy doing.Gobbo is also listed on the thanks. FYI I will not be posting or answering anything about the playtesting or the rules for Dust Warfare until FFG releases the rulebook.

Third there are some new models and accessories released and going to be released from

Previews are Ammo Crates for Allies, Axis, and Soviets (who knew we all had a soviet models and not know it hahaha)
Allies bits and extras for tanks.
Released is the new Scenery
Check Out

Fourth forgot to post but a new FAQ is up on the FFG website for you to download.

Tuesday Review - Grim Reapers

Today’s review apparently I forgot to review the Grim Reapers when I did the Axis Gorillas. These guys are the first of the Allies Heavy Suits armed with the dual Victory MG and Rocket Punch.

Armor 3
Move 2 and Jump
Cheaper of the Heavy Armored units
Good Anti Infantry Weapons
Can stand up against both tanks and soldiers

Only 3 models in a squad
Hard to take out a tank

These guys and be anywhere you want to take out whatever you want. I would say stick them to only Infantry and if a tank gets close take a chance if needed to.

November 3, 2011

Announcement - New Army Builder

Dakkon426 on the FFG Dust Tactics fourms has taken the time to make an army builder. Currently it requires Windows 7 but it looks really nice go on his blog to download it.

If you have any problems you'll have to contact him I can forward it to him but I would prefer you contact him.

In the mean time I am also working on updating the Army Builder files to the Army Builder program from Wolflair. I'll make an announcement when they are done.