House Rules

Here I will have a summary of all the posted House Rules on Thursdays.

General House Rules
-When vehicles are destroyed they are not removed from play but instead become rubble. Take of the turret to show destroyed and lay on side. The rubble is impassible and blocks
line of sight.
-Barbed wire is impassible for infantry and non vehicle heroes. Infantry units and heroes receive soft cover always unless the two corner rule.

Flight - Ignores terrain when moving. Unit can land on terrain. Heroes can only join a squad with jetpacks or flying ability.

Building Rules-Buildings always give soft cover and when shooting at units through a solid wall they receive hard cover.
-It takes two moves to climb up one level. The unit must be in the same square as the building to climb up levels.
-Units cannot shoot or assault between levels. ex: you cannot shoot a unit above or below you.
-Line of sight is blocked if the unit is 2 x 1 on height x length. ex: if you are two levels high you cannot shoot at 1 square in front of you.
-Walkers and vehicles cannot climb up levels.
-They cannot be in the same square unless the model can physically fit in the square without interrupting the building.

Trenches-Trenches take one move to get in and two moves to get out. ex. The unit jumps in the trench but has to climb to get out.
-Shooting into or out of a trench give the target soft cover.
-Vehicles can only cross over a trench if there is a bridge to pass over. They cannot be in a trench.
-Vehicles and units can be in the same square if the vehicle is on a bridge but the unit is in the trench.
-Units under the bridge are blocked by line of sight if shooting or be shot at from out of the trench. ex: a unit cannot be shot at if the unit is in front of them but if the unit is in the trench
with them then they have line of sight.
-Rocket Launchers and Grenades roll an extra dice when shooting into a trench due to the units being in a trench and are organized closely together.
-Bridges cannot be destroyed.

Landmines-Before any models are deployed each player picks a square and writes it down.
-The square can be any one of them except the squares of the opponents deployment.
-When an enemy unit moves on top of the square the mines detonate.
Mine 4/1 3/1 2/1 1/1 3/1 2/1 2/1 1/1 -  -  - - - -
-Air Vehicles will not detonate the mine.
-Tanks with higher armor value will detonate the mines even though no damage will happen.
-Mines detonate only once.
-No Sustain fire.

Vehicle SquadronThey act like a squad but also a vehicle.
Smaller Vehicles Only
They must stay in the same square.
The HP on the card is for each vehicle.
The weapons stats are for each walker with the weapon.
No heroes can join any of these units unless it is a vehicle hero or said they can on their card.
Mechanics special rule only repairs 1 model at a time not the whole squadron.
Since they are vehicles they can fire each weapon at a different unit.
They are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

Hero VehicleThey follow all vehicle and hero rules.
They may not join an infantry squad.
They are officers to only to vehicle squadrons.
Can occupy the same square as an infantry squad but cannot join.
Cannot occupy the same square as another vehicle except squadrons.
They have a built in Radio.
Smaller Vehicles Squadrons (Armor 2 or less) are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

Terrain Destroyer - When the vehicle with this ability is in a square next to terrain he can take 1 action to destroy any kind of terrain. To destroy a piece of terrain roll a dice on a hit the piece is destroyed. This applies to Walls and Tank Traps for now.

Teleport - Once per game a hero can teleport himself across a board. To represent this it takes one actions when activated. He is removed off of the table. The next round he will reappear where the controlling player would like when reappearing it counts as moving once so he can either move again or fire.
Telepathy - When a squad targets a hero with this ability that hero needs to roll a dice on a hit he read the squads minds and can see what they are planning. That squad cannot target the hero and a squad if he is with one.

Rollover - units with this ability and all tracked tanks can roll over dug outs, low walls, fences, and through medium and light rubble, and barbed wire. Rolling over a low wall of medium or light construction and fences creates a one square wide hole in them where the unit crossed through. That hole is considered clear for purposes of LOS and movement. Rolling over a light or medium rubble wall, creates a one square wide clear space along the vehicles path. Remove any light rubble wall sections the unit has crossed, those boarders are now considered clear for purposed of LOS and movement, though if the rubble wall section was part of a building, units occupying the building spaces may still claim appropriate cover until such time as the ENTIRE building has been "cleared" from the board. Rolling over a dug out destroys the dugout as the unit enters the square.

Amphibious - Some vehicles have this ability. Vehicles with this ability can cross water. It takes two actions to get in the water and 2 actions to get out. They may not fire and can be fired upon.

Cruising - Tanks, Truck, Motorcycles and Cars not Walkers have this ability. When moving on a road they get Fast ability. This applies to vehicles that already have Fast also. They get 2 moves for fast instead of 1.S

Tanks - All tracked tanks have this ability none of the walker or other vehicles have it unless specified. Tanks have rollover and Cruising. Tanks also cannot make diagonal moves.

Superhero – This ability is given to every superhero in the Dust Universe. They don’t have any perks for being a superhero but have some limitations. Players can only use Superheroes if they agree on it and both sides have equal amounts in points. There should be an amount of points set aside for just Superheroes on top of the amount for the game. Heroes with Superhero ability cannot join a squad unless specified.

Unique - This ability means there can only be one per army like a hero.

Strategist - Once per game a hero and his unit can make an extra action in one turn. They can still only Sustain Fire Once.

Dodge - When a unit is being reactive fired upon roll a dice on a hit they unit moves back one square that prevents them from being fired at and cannot perform any other actions for the rest of there activation.

Sabotage - A command squad performs 1 action and radios the opposing army orders to confuse them. Once per game pick a unit at the beginning of a turn. That unit gets disoriented with orders and cannot be activated this turn. Only a radioman can issue this order.

False Orders - A command unit performs 1 action and radios the opposing army orders. Once per game the command squad's player can choose which unit is going to be activated next. Only a radioman can issue this order.

Supply Run - Once per game a hero or command squad will restock a squads limited ammo.

Second Wind
 - Once per game a hero will provide another hero with a second use of a once per game ability. e.i. Tank Head


Monsters can only be joined by a monster hero of the same kind.

Demon - These monsters are summoned to the battlefield and do not enter from the table edge. The instead are placed within 1 tile of a friendly model.

Instability - When lesser demons are summoned they are not stable and can phase out just as they phased in. Every round turn roll a dice for each model with Demon ability.

Greater Demon - When a hero has this special ability it allows the other lesser demons to stay in reality. As long as the Greater Demon is alive at the end of each turn the Lesser Demons do not have to roll for instability. He does not also have to test for instability.

Werewolf(ves) - These monsters are big ferosious monsters. But they must be transformed from a unit. To represent this choose a squad at the beginning of the game. Each round turn roll a dice for each squad with Werewolf ability. On a blank they transform and all weapons and abilities are replaced with the ones on the werewolves' card. Once they transform these must always double move toward the closest enemy model they can damage and assault the unit when able. At the end of the next turn after they transform roll a dice on a hit they transform back retain all weapons and abilities of the original unit. When a werewolf is in human form it gets an extra dice using combat weapons.

Werewolf Hero - The werewolf hero does not transform like the lesser ones. Instead he stays the monster he is the entire game and does not transform another model into him. Lesser werewolves do not transform back if he is still alive at the end of each turn. He also does controls his fellow werewolves and they do not have to double move toward the closest unit each turn.

Vampire - These blood crazed monsters that when they bite their victim the victim could become a vampire also. When a vampire inclicts a wound in combat roll a dice on a hit the victim becomes a vampire minion and any vampires minions created in a combat become a unit.
Vampire Minion
Move 1 Armor 2 HP 1 per model
Fangs 2/1 1/1 1/1 - - - - - - - - - - -
Damage Resilient

Monster Hunters:

Monster Hunter - These heroes are specially skilled in killing their specific monster. What ever kind of monster or blutkreuz the monster hunter has listed it can alway perform a sustain attack when attacking them. The monster is also denied his damage resilient roll if available.

Inquisitor - an inquisitor is someone sent by the church themselves he has the highest authority in on the battlefield and an expert at killing any monsters. He has a monster hunter ability of all monsters including Zombies and Apes.

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Stef said...

Love your House rules... though not sure about the monsters and supers. Will have to try.

Thought you might like the following :

Playing without grids.
(Dust house rules)

Make a custom measuring thread using a knotted string, one knot every 9cm. Count spaces from the first miniature of a squad, i.e. the one closest to where you want to measure. Your target area must be fully within the last knot (space) allowed.

Squad cohesion.
Each member of a squad, and attached Hero, must always be enclosed within a 12cm circle. Use a common CD as a cohesion template and make sure all bases fit under it.

You may only target one unit, plus any attached Hero, of course. Don’t use the cohesion template as a blast marker!

Vehicles & clearing obstacles.
When vehicles have to go around a corner, use a cohesion template to represent the added distance a vehicle must travel to turn around the corner (no diagonals, remember?). Put the CD at the corner and have your measuring string go around the center hole of the CD (stick your finger or a pencil in it). Don’t forget to check that the CD fits between every obstructing terrain piece and use it, as above, to navigate around them.

To benefit from cover terrain, your unit and the terrain must all be within the 12cm cohesion template. Some pieces of terrain might be too large for this, so just be sure your unit is touching the terrain if you want to be protected by it. If, when targeted by an attack, every figure of your unit is between the shooter and the terrain, you cannot gain cover from it.

Feel free to use and publish them,