March 27, 2012

Tuesday Review – Barking Dog

Today’s review is the Barking Dog, it is a medium walker. It is close to being the Allies answer to the Jagdluther. Only lighter armor.

Has great anti tank and infantry weapons.
Standard walker stats
Long range weapons
Has Jump ability

Recoiless Rifles are limited ammo but has 6 shots.

I would use him to take out whatever you want but make sure it’s specific targets rather than just the army as a whole. Pick the larger targets for it to shoot at.

March 25, 2012


So soon we will be getting Dust Warfare. The end of the quarter ends this week. We will be getting a chance to play it hopefully soon.

There has been some changed to the blog. I have rearranged the tabs at the top and merged some of them. The form tab has been removed and the forms have been added to their page of results.

Also a new addition to TWC Dust Tactics. If you notice there is a Game Results tab at the top and a form on the side bar. This is a submission to allow players to show their results and compare each missions, campaign, and faction with all the others. It will be updated with missions and other stuff when the information comes out. Feel free to submit as many results to games as you would like.

March 24, 2012

Superhero Saturday - Red Guardian

So today's Superhero is the Red Guardian from Marvel. He fought with and against Captain America in WWII.

March 20, 2012

Tuesday Review – Bergeluther

Today’s review is the Bergeluther, it is a medium walker. It is the Axis recovery/repair vehicle much like the Mickey ARV

Has great anti tank and infantry weapons.
Standard walker stats
Has a Dozer Blade
Has Damage Resilient Ability

Short range anti tank with only 1 range
Short-Medium range Anti Infantry Weapons

Using the abilities as I described I would use it to stand behind walkers and salvage them as needed. Due to his short range he can be affective for holding an objective or close quarter games.

March 17, 2012

Superhero Saturday - Omega Red

So I figured since Russians are coming out then we should have some Russian Superheroes. So I decided to do Omega Red.

March 13, 2012

Tuesday Review – Jagdluther 75

Today’s review is the Jagdluther 75 it is a heavy medium walker.

Has armor 5
Has 8 wounds
Weapon is good for both anti tank and infantry.
Long range weapons

Only has 1 weapon so it can only shoot at 1 target a turn.
Still vulnerable to Napalm weapons

Use it like you would your Ludwig only make him the lead walker instead. Unless someone is super lucky with rolling it should last more than 1 turn out in the open.

March 12, 2012

Weekly Dust Announcements

There are a few announcements this week. First is more models have been released for viewing from FFG 2 more helicopters, SSU Battle Squad and new 3 Axis Medium/Heavy Walkers that come in 1 box. Also earlier last week FFG released new models of building expansions. Here

Another announcement is that Patrick Doty and Viet Nguyen have started a League Campaign they want to start up soon. I am helping out a little bit by setting up their forms and stuff for submissions. Check back later for further updates about it. Here has release new Operation Zverograd Pattern Laser Grenadier models for preorder check them out on their website. They seem to come with a special squad commander model. Here

Dust Warfare should be coming out soon its set push back date was 1st Quarter of 2012. This month is the last month of that quarter. Hopefully we will be seeing it soon.

March 6, 2012

Tuesday Review – LMC 46

Today’s review is the LMC 46 it is a amphibious transport. For rule purposes Naval Unit is can only be in a water designated squad. The transport can carry 8 models and a armor 4 vehicle.

Has great anti infantry weapons.
Can transport units across water.
Has 10 wounds

Has no anti tank weapons
Can easily be killed by Napalm weapons.
If the LMC carrying units is in the middle of water and there is no land square next to it, the units are destroyed.

Use it to get across large maps with large parts of water don’t waste it on little rivers with bridges.

March 3, 2012

Superhero Saturday - Silver Fox

One of the most untalked about superhero yet she was involved with Wolverine and WWII. She's Native American but her tribe lived in Canada so I made her nationality Canadian.