March 12, 2012

Weekly Dust Announcements

There are a few announcements this week. First is more models have been released for viewing from FFG 2 more helicopters, SSU Battle Squad and new 3 Axis Medium/Heavy Walkers that come in 1 box. Also earlier last week FFG released new models of building expansions. Here

Another announcement is that Patrick Doty and Viet Nguyen have started a League Campaign they want to start up soon. I am helping out a little bit by setting up their forms and stuff for submissions. Check back later for further updates about it. Here has release new Operation Zverograd Pattern Laser Grenadier models for preorder check them out on their website. They seem to come with a special squad commander model. Here

Dust Warfare should be coming out soon its set push back date was 1st Quarter of 2012. This month is the last month of that quarter. Hopefully we will be seeing it soon.

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Zombie Ad said...

Giddy as a schoolboy!