May 29, 2012

Tuesday Review – Frontoviki

Today’s review is for the new SSU Battle Squad similar to the Allies Gunners or Axis Battle Grenadiers.

Has 2 MGs
Fairly cheap for points
Nice core unit

No anti tank compared to their counterparts.
No grenades or panzerfaust like their counterparts

May 22, 2012

Tuesday Review – Koshka

Today’s review is for the new SSU Special Walker first special character Captain Koshka.

Has a grenade weapon
Decent for an individual in combat
Has Fighting Spirit
Can Pilot a Walker

Short range weapons
4 wounds
On the upper side of armor 2 Hero’s points cost

May 15, 2012

Tuesday Review – Grand’Ma

Today’s review is for the new SSU Special Walker Grand’Ma. Its Koshka’s personal Walker.

It protects Koshka while inside.
Has both Flame and Grenade weapons.
Weapons are good for both anti-tank and infantry.
Has 5 wounds
Has Assault
Is fairly average cost for a medium walker

Even 5 wounds can still be destroyed by 1 lucky flamethrower shot
Doesn’t have long range weapons
Is a rare unit

May 9, 2012


Just a few announcements, for those who don’t know there is a PDF of Operation Zverograd on the FFG website. Looks like it will be coming out soon.

Also Dust Models has coming soon 3 models that look really nice and the Recon Mickey that’s not painted and cheaper. First model is the Victory Square Zverograd City Monument. It’s a simple model but nice piece of terrain to use for the game especially with all the building we have now we can make a city bored. Next models is the Panzermeister. He’s an axis walker pilot and seems to be for the new Zverograd Axis walkers. He’s kind of like Nikoli but for the Axis. The last models is the Nachtjager pretty much Sigrid’s personal Jagdluther walker. It looks very close to the Jagdluther but has slightly modified guns and comes with a Sigrid pilot that fits in the hatch. These models will make a nice addition to your Dust collection. They have also released the cards for most of the Zverograd models. There will be reviews for them out soon.

My LGS’s distributor is being slow with my copy of Dust Warfare so when I get my copy I’ll write up a review about it.  If you see Alliance games just yell at them for me, haha.