July 31, 2012

Tuesday Review - Drakoni

The Commisssar Squad for the SSU

Reasonable price
Has great anti infantry and tank weapons
Has UGLs
Has Assault
Has Badass
Average Range
Can be divided into individuals and add to squads like heroes
Does not take place as a hero in a squad

As a individual he only has 1 wound

July 24, 2012

Tuesday Review - Red Yana

One of the heros for the SSU

Great for Anti infantry
Decent for armor 3 anti tank
Fighting Spirit
Grenade Weapon
Average Range
Reasonable Price

Cannot damage vehicles above armor 3

July 17, 2012

Tuesday Review - Yakov

One of the heroes for the SSU

Mulitude of weapons
Great for anti infantry and tank
Legendary Tactician

A bit Pricey
Short Range Weapons

July 10, 2012

Tuesday Review - Nikolai

One of the heroes for the SSU

Grenade weapon
Is a Pilot
Has Take Aim

A bit pricey compared to other heroes
No anti tank weapons but can pilot a walker

July 3, 2012

Tuesday Review - Konigslothar

This is a Dust Models only models with no points cost

Excelent in both anti infantry and tank weapons
Artillery Weapons
8 Wounds
Armor 6

Minimum range of 3
Large Model