May 26, 2011

Last Minute Announcement

I've forgotten to post this but InquisitorKris from FFG and BGG forums has started his own blog.
InquisitorKris's Blog

Its got some interesting articles and hobby stuff.

Card a Day - Day 1

So today will start the cards for 17 days because I will be going out of town. It will go on from the today the 26th to June 11th. There will only be 13 Tanks due to me running out of time. There will be a US tanks and a Axis or Japanese Comic Superhero. Reason I say superhero and not supervillian is because the difference between a hero and a villian is what side you're on.

May 25, 2011


So packing for my trip has taken longer than expected so I'll just be starting the 2 cards a day tomorrow. I will be posting 1 tank and 1 hero card every day while I am gone.

May 23, 2011

New Miniature Company - Blight Wheel Miniatures

I stumble upon this company the other day. They make a lot a couple of 40k things but I am show this site because they make a Goliath Track Mine and a Mk4 Staghound. It's a bit pricy but it all made by the people of this site.

Goliath Mk3

Staghound Mk4

May 21, 2011

Superhero Saturday - Dempsey and Richtofen

With the zombies coming out I figure I would come out with the anti zombie crew of Call of Duty.

May 19, 2011

Regional Event Saturday

Don't forget if you in the Roseville, MN area and plan to go to the Regional Tournament at the FFG HQ it is this Saturday, May 21st. If you do go take some photos and email them to me and I'll post them on the here. More information is on my calender and on the FFG website.

New Units for Seelowe

Zombies and Gorillas for the Axis
2 different kinds of heavy armor suits for the Allies

May 18, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - Wrecked Airplane Part 1

So today I thought I would show my work and progress for 3D terrain. I decided to make a wrecked P-40 Warhawk. I choose this plane for a reason my grandfather repaired them back in WWII so I kind of did it in his honor. Well first step is to put the plane together following the instructions except do not glue the landing gear or the wings and fin.
Next if the wing is all one piece like mine was cut off one of the wings and glue the other to the plane.
After that glue that same side's tail fin to the plane also.
Next position the plane as you would like it to appear to be crashed into the ground and glue it to the base.
Then twist the propellers to to make them look like when it landed they bend this makes it look like engine failure. You can also remove them all together and place them on the back all bend up to look like lost on crash.
After that glue the other wing to the base making it look like its impaled into the snow and do the same with the rear fin.
Next Add the landing gear to the wings and base like shown.
When I come back to this project I'll show how to apply ground and stuff to make it look like it is more realistically crashed.

May 17, 2011

TWC will be down for 2 weeks

I will be gone for 2 weeks starting next Friday May 27th. I already have my cards scheduled for this but that will be the only posts for those 2 weeks. If you would like to write some articles I can set it up to make you an adiministrator and you can write your own articles. I also am trying to set it up that everyday I am gone 1 new tank and 1 new superhero will be posted.

May 16, 2011

New Dust Tactics Blog

This blog is run by Justin Tyrrell. So far they only have Play by Plays posted.

About Regional Tournament - Galactic Force

So I was recently told something happen on either Galactics Force or FFG part and the Regional Tournament did not happen this past Sunday. It will be held on the 29th as of now as posted on their website but they didn't tell anyone until the day of the tournament. If I were you going to this Regional and any others in the future I would call ahead the day before just to confirm. The change will be on the calender.

Discussion Monday - Command Squad

So today I thought I would discuss how the command squad works because I've gotten some question asked to me and I've emailed some questions. I've played this squad about 10 times and I think I got the legist of how they work. First you declare that you are going to activate the squad. Then declare which order you are going to use and roll a dice if the order requires one. The orders requiring a dice roll are as follows: Officer's Get Moving You Bunch of Monkeys!, Mechanic's Field Repair and Medic's Come On Guys; We're Going Back Out There. The ones that don't is Radioman's Artillery Strike (because it is an ability not an order but still requires 1 action), Mechanic's Makeshift Repair and Medic's Get Up, It Ain't That Bad. So if you are using an order that requires a dice roll then roll the dice and on a hit the order can be used. Remember to use your other action before these orders. So you can Move and Order, Shoot and Order, or Not Move and Order. The 2 orders that do not require a dice roll can be used in the following. Move and Order, Order and Move, Shoot and Order, Order and Shoot, Order and Artillery Strike. You also do not have to issue and order if you do not want to and the unit would act like any other unit just declare this before you roll for anything.


Get Moving You Bunch of Monkeys! Before the roll when ordering the order declare which unit you are going to use it on. When you are done with your first action the Command Squad is deactivated and the other unit is activated as normal.

He does not have a order but his Artillery Strike ability allows him to make a walker with indirect fire as long as he has line of sight to fire in this turn. Both units are used in this turn so remember that the walker cannot be used after the ability. Remember the walker cannot use any other action but Fire this turn. This also means you cannot reload and fire when the artillery strike is called.

Makeshift Repair requires no dice and allows you to add 1 HP to a Walker. The Walker cannot be destroyed and has to be in the adjacent square next to the Command Squad.
Field Repair is pretty nice it allows you to call out a destroyed walker. This can only be used once, when succussfully rolled. When this order is issued the Command Squad is deactivated and the walker is activated and enters the table like it did when the game started and only enters from your deployment zone. The walker has full wounds and ammo.

Get Up, It Ain’t That Bad requires no dice and allows you to add 1 HP to a Hero or Squad. The Hero or Squad cannot be destroyed and has to be in the adjacent square next to the Command Squad.
Come On Guys; We’re Going Back Out There is just like the Field Repair it allows you to call out a destroyed squad. This can only be used once, when succussfully rolled. When this order is issued the Command Squad is deactivated and the squad is activated and enters the table like it did when the game started and only enters from your deployment zone. The squad has full wounds and ammo.

Weapon Specialist
Has no orders but has a Victory MG.

May 15, 2011

Sundays Play By Play

Sorry for the missing posts this week but blogger was down for a couple of days and I couldn't post anything until yesterday.

So today's play by play is the last one in the Operation Cyclone book, Evacuation. The objective is for the attackers to make it past the 4 squares. I was the attacker and Alex was the defenders.
Here is the setup.
First round was mostly move except I got a LOS from my Pounder to Alex's Ludwig and put 2 wounds into it.
Turn 2 I won the initiative and finished off Alex's Ludwig. With that Alex and I moved around mostly except for I did 5 wounds to his Laser Squad and Sigrid with my BBQ Squad and Joe.
Turn 3 I won the initiative and killed Alex's Laser Squad and Sigrid the moved behind cover. All the other units moved and positioned themselves to make a standoff of who is going to make the first move.
 Turn 4 Alex won the initiative and moved his Recon Grenadiers to engaged mine. He killed 1 of my Recon Squad members. My recon squad returned fire killing 2 of his guys. Then his Ludwig and Battle Grenadiers deactivated. My BBQ squad moved and killed his Recon Grenadiers.
Turn 5 Alex won the initiative and moved Alex's Battle Grenadiers moved and fired at my Pounder only putting 2 wounds on it. I returned fire but he made most of his soft cover saves. Only killing only 2. Then I he moved his Luther closer. I moved my BBQ squad to kill the remaining Battle Grenadiers. Then I moved my Hot Dog to engage his Luther and destroyed it. Game ends victory to me.

May 11, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to make Sandbags

It's really simple to make sandbags just use some green stuff epoxy putty and follow these steps. For purposes of photos and easier to see I made the sandbag bigger than it should be. Use about half as much as I did.
Cut 2 equal portions of yellow and blue.
 Mix the 2 portions together until it become a solid green color
 Make it into a rectangular cube shape.
 On one side put the blunt end of the exacto blade into one side of the putty.
 Then pinch together.
 Then repeat until you have 4 sides done.
 When you're done it should look like this squeeze the edges to make them a little more disfigured. and the edges of the sack.
 Next take a grated textured surface and roll it on the sandbag shape.
 And you are done. You may need to redo the seem of the sandbag with the exacto knife again.
Use water to keep your blade and fingers from sticking to the putty.
You can also use a ziplock back and put the green stuff in it to sculpt it and then take it out when it is mostly hardened and apply the texture.
Sandpaper, files, and even your fingers can make the texture for the bags.

May 10, 2011

Regional Tournament Army Lists

My Army List
Since I can only ask myself about my army currently I figure I would do a run down of my army list.
Rosie and a Gunner Squad 
Very effective hero. She went into the Gunner squad and allowed them to act just like a bot hunter squad only with 4 ugls and a 1/4 rocket launcher. Surprisingly Rosie survived all 3 games. She also only repaired 1 tank which helped a lot.
Bot Hunter
My idea was to use these guy to get close to only the tanks and take them out. It worked pretty effectively with 2 dice.
Bot Hunters
Same as above.
I used these guys to help take out tanks and to whiped out units.
Same as above.
I used him to get up close and personal. He took out pretty much any infantry squad in a single turn with his 2/+ Howitzer. His fast ability let him get where he needed to be in a turn or 2.

Chris's Army List
BBQ Squad
Bot Hunters
Recon Squad

Lob's Army List
BBQ Squad

Alex's Army List
Panzer Killers
Panzer Killers
Recon Grenadiers
Laser Grenadiers

May 8, 2011

Dust Tactics - Regional Tournament - Groovy Gecko's Comics and Games - May 7th, 2011

So yesterday was the first of the 5 regional tournament for Fantasy Flight Game's Dust Tactics. I just happen to live down the street from the store so luckily I got to go. Unfortunately only 4 of us showed up. I have a bunch of photos of the tournament. The players were Chris, Lob, Alex (who I runs the scenarios for the play by play with), and myself. The prizes were already preset to be the overall winner gets the Trophy and Certificate, the Allie player with the most points gets the painted Hot Dog, and the Axis player with the most points got the painted Luther. Everyone who showed up automatically received a Dust Tactics Regional Pin, a Dust Tactics Regional Patch, and a Dust Tactics Artwork.We also played 3 of my custom scenarios under the Links sections of this blog. We played King of the Hill, Capture and Control, and Seize Ground. It was 200 points with allowed up to only 1 hero.

1st  Game Chris and I getting our stuff ready to deploy.
 Lob and Alex also getting ready.
 Chris's Pounder with a Tank Commander and an Armorcast .50 cal MG.
 My walkers moving out of the deployment area.
 Chris 2nd round of thinking of what to do next.
 Me doing the same thing.
 Alex watching Lob's turn.
 Lob thinking of what to do next.
 Alex's army
 Lob's Army
 Round 3 rolling for initiative
 My Pounder shooting Chris's Pounder.
 Chris's Pounder returning fire.
 Alex's turn of his 3 units remaining.
 Lob watching Alex's turn
 Chris's remaining models on the board.
 Setting up for Game 2 Chris and Alex.
 Setting up for Game 2 Lob and I.
 Turn 1 my first unit.
 Lob's Mickey.
 Turn 1 after everything has entered.
 Alex's turn 2.
 Chris's turn 2.
 Alex's recon grenadiers.
 Lob's turn 2.
 Chris' Pounder, BBQ Squad, and Bot Hunters in Game 3.
 Lob looking up the stats for his unit, for game 3.
 My Pounder moving out of the deployment area.
 Myself moving Alex's squad for him closer to me.
 Alex thinking about his next move.
 Myself talking to Chris waiting for Alex's turn.
 Me moving my Mickey.
 Alex holding his ground.
I got 1 Draw and 2 Wins, Chris got 2 Draws and 1 Win, Lob got 1 Win, 1 Draw, and 1 Loss, and Alex got 3 Losses. Results: Overall Winner: Myself, Most Points Allies: Chris, Most Points Axis: Alex.

Myself receiving the Certificate.
 Myself receiving the Trophy.
Chris receiving his painted Hot Dog.
 Alex receiving his painted Luther.