May 18, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - Wrecked Airplane Part 1

So today I thought I would show my work and progress for 3D terrain. I decided to make a wrecked P-40 Warhawk. I choose this plane for a reason my grandfather repaired them back in WWII so I kind of did it in his honor. Well first step is to put the plane together following the instructions except do not glue the landing gear or the wings and fin.
Next if the wing is all one piece like mine was cut off one of the wings and glue the other to the plane.
After that glue that same side's tail fin to the plane also.
Next position the plane as you would like it to appear to be crashed into the ground and glue it to the base.
Then twist the propellers to to make them look like when it landed they bend this makes it look like engine failure. You can also remove them all together and place them on the back all bend up to look like lost on crash.
After that glue the other wing to the base making it look like its impaled into the snow and do the same with the rear fin.
Next Add the landing gear to the wings and base like shown.
When I come back to this project I'll show how to apply ground and stuff to make it look like it is more realistically crashed.

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