May 8, 2011

Dust Tactics - Regional Tournament - Groovy Gecko's Comics and Games - May 7th, 2011

So yesterday was the first of the 5 regional tournament for Fantasy Flight Game's Dust Tactics. I just happen to live down the street from the store so luckily I got to go. Unfortunately only 4 of us showed up. I have a bunch of photos of the tournament. The players were Chris, Lob, Alex (who I runs the scenarios for the play by play with), and myself. The prizes were already preset to be the overall winner gets the Trophy and Certificate, the Allie player with the most points gets the painted Hot Dog, and the Axis player with the most points got the painted Luther. Everyone who showed up automatically received a Dust Tactics Regional Pin, a Dust Tactics Regional Patch, and a Dust Tactics Artwork.We also played 3 of my custom scenarios under the Links sections of this blog. We played King of the Hill, Capture and Control, and Seize Ground. It was 200 points with allowed up to only 1 hero.

1st  Game Chris and I getting our stuff ready to deploy.
 Lob and Alex also getting ready.
 Chris's Pounder with a Tank Commander and an Armorcast .50 cal MG.
 My walkers moving out of the deployment area.
 Chris 2nd round of thinking of what to do next.
 Me doing the same thing.
 Alex watching Lob's turn.
 Lob thinking of what to do next.
 Alex's army
 Lob's Army
 Round 3 rolling for initiative
 My Pounder shooting Chris's Pounder.
 Chris's Pounder returning fire.
 Alex's turn of his 3 units remaining.
 Lob watching Alex's turn
 Chris's remaining models on the board.
 Setting up for Game 2 Chris and Alex.
 Setting up for Game 2 Lob and I.
 Turn 1 my first unit.
 Lob's Mickey.
 Turn 1 after everything has entered.
 Alex's turn 2.
 Chris's turn 2.
 Alex's recon grenadiers.
 Lob's turn 2.
 Chris' Pounder, BBQ Squad, and Bot Hunters in Game 3.
 Lob looking up the stats for his unit, for game 3.
 My Pounder moving out of the deployment area.
 Myself moving Alex's squad for him closer to me.
 Alex thinking about his next move.
 Myself talking to Chris waiting for Alex's turn.
 Me moving my Mickey.
 Alex holding his ground.
I got 1 Draw and 2 Wins, Chris got 2 Draws and 1 Win, Lob got 1 Win, 1 Draw, and 1 Loss, and Alex got 3 Losses. Results: Overall Winner: Myself, Most Points Allies: Chris, Most Points Axis: Alex.

Myself receiving the Certificate.
 Myself receiving the Trophy.
Chris receiving his painted Hot Dog.
 Alex receiving his painted Luther.


Richard B said...

Congrats on the win! Thanks for posting the play by play and the battle reports.

patrick said...

Whats your list?
Also, does you LGS have any extra swag left over they would be willing to sell? No LGS' out here are hosting regionals nor even game nights (no kits that is).

patrick said...


arkangl said...

Call him I know all the prizes were given out but, badges and pins he might sell not sure though. The link is on here for the phone number.

Anonymous said...

I just got home to Milwaukee from Chicago where another regional was supposed to be held today. The store owner claims the date is wrong and he didn't have any prize support. He did not run a game today. I am terribly, terribly disappointed in FFG and Galactic Force.

arkangl said...

Wow that sucks you would think they would tell people. They just posted something about that yesterday saying it will be held now on May 29th.