May 15, 2011

Sundays Play By Play

Sorry for the missing posts this week but blogger was down for a couple of days and I couldn't post anything until yesterday.

So today's play by play is the last one in the Operation Cyclone book, Evacuation. The objective is for the attackers to make it past the 4 squares. I was the attacker and Alex was the defenders.
Here is the setup.
First round was mostly move except I got a LOS from my Pounder to Alex's Ludwig and put 2 wounds into it.
Turn 2 I won the initiative and finished off Alex's Ludwig. With that Alex and I moved around mostly except for I did 5 wounds to his Laser Squad and Sigrid with my BBQ Squad and Joe.
Turn 3 I won the initiative and killed Alex's Laser Squad and Sigrid the moved behind cover. All the other units moved and positioned themselves to make a standoff of who is going to make the first move.
 Turn 4 Alex won the initiative and moved his Recon Grenadiers to engaged mine. He killed 1 of my Recon Squad members. My recon squad returned fire killing 2 of his guys. Then his Ludwig and Battle Grenadiers deactivated. My BBQ squad moved and killed his Recon Grenadiers.
Turn 5 Alex won the initiative and moved Alex's Battle Grenadiers moved and fired at my Pounder only putting 2 wounds on it. I returned fire but he made most of his soft cover saves. Only killing only 2. Then I he moved his Luther closer. I moved my BBQ squad to kill the remaining Battle Grenadiers. Then I moved my Hot Dog to engage his Luther and destroyed it. Game ends victory to me.

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