February 28, 2011

Discussion Monday – Dust Wars Comic

So I got the 2 other issues of Dust Wars the other day and decided to read them. It is pretty interesting because it shows Russia and Allies teaming up and not as enemies like in the actual WWII. This comic is a bit more PG friendly that Paolo Parente’s Dust. It has a little bit of blood and gore but nothing risqué as the other comic. It’s about mostly Bazooka Joe, Mickey a mechanic that’s working on building the robots for the allies, and a Russia pink hair female captain, Captain Koshka who is in love with Joe. This is when Joe and her first meet. You find out Joe was a bit of a prankster and a gambler. He was a cook for the secret military base in Europe. Mean while Mickey is trying to develop a walker for the Allies under secret while Joe tries to find out himself what she’s up to. While that is happening Koshka is patrolling a city when she gets attacked by a Gunther. It takes about 5 or 6 of the Russia walkers to take it out. Later Joe gets in trouble with the bases commander for gambling with the bases money, and is sent on patrol.  While on patrol Joe and Mickey are ambushed by Koshka who thinks they are Axis. They both find out they’re one the same side when it come to Sigrid and the Axis and they both  team up and ambush Sigrid’s convoy and stop her.
The artwork is top notch like the other comic series and the story it good for background knowledge of the heroes, especially Joe.

February 27, 2011

Dust Tactics Tournament Results

So I went to the tournament yesterday and I came in 2nd only to the store own. He only played because there was an odd guy out and he wanted to play. He didn't take the prize and gave it to the second place person (me). So my results were 1-0-2.
My Army List

2x Recon Squads
1x Bot Hunters
2x Pounders

 The first scenario was descent I was the defenders so I was trying to get his men from going up or down the elevator in 8 turns. He tabled me but only with his Pounder left. 

Second game was Counterattack I was attackers I won by tabling him with a couple of squads left he got lucky with some panzerfausts.

Third was Destruction I played the store owner. This was the closest game. I tabled him but I didn’t get to the objective so I didn’t win but I had most of my army on the table.

There was only 4 of us at the tournament some more people were suppose to come but they backed out.

Remember if you know of a tournament or event for Dust Tactics email me and I will post it on the calender.

February 26, 2011

Superheroes Saturday - SS Colonel Ernst Vogel, SS Colonel Hans Landa, Sky Captain, and B.J. Blazkowicz

So today isn't really superheroes but I got some new ones to play around with to make less superhero and more for regular play. SS Colonel Ernst Vogel is the Colonel from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade one of the only villians in the entire series that doesn't die in the movie. Also I did SS Colonel Hans Landa he's the main villian in Inglorious Basterds another movie where he, Bratt Pit and the dude from the office were the only surviving main characters. I'd like to think if the war was continuing none of thier events would happen Hitler would still be a live and Landa and Raine would never cross paths. Next is a fav but did not like the movie so much. Joseph Sullivan aka Sky Captain from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I like the character and I like the approach for the movie but overall the movie wasn't as good as they made it to be. I also think him and some of my other characters will get a revamp as more special rules and weapons come out. Him and characters like him especially due to he is Sky Captain and I didn't give him a plane. Last is one of my favorite old school heroes, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, from the Wolfenstein video game series. His expertize in the occult of Hitler should fit into the Dust theme perfectly.

February 25, 2011

Tournament Reminder

Remember tomorrow Williamsburg, VA Dust Tournament 16 pts. at Groovy Geckos at 12pm. Directions on the link

Show Off Friday

TylerT posted his Allies on FFG Forums take a look.

February 24, 2011

Homegrown Thursday - Nikola Tesla

So today is Nikola Tesla's technology being used in dust. I decided to make him part of the allies and not like some other alternate stories where he makes Russian tech, after all he does move to Canada.
Tesla Weapons
Acts like a laser rolls another dice for every successful hit but when the shooting is done if any members of the squad are left or any hit points left roll another dice. On a hit the surviving members cannot be used for the rest of the turn due to being shocked from the electrical field. Tanks can be affected by the effects.

February 23, 2011

Hobby Wednesday – How to make your own bases

Stuff Your Will Need
A model
Exacto knife
Green Stuff or Green Epoxy Putty
Small Paint Squirter
Resin Making Kit
1/4”x 1-1/4” Washer
Release Spray for the Resin
First you need to take your exacto blade and your model and cut the model off the base gently so you don’t cut the model.
Spray your base with the releasing spray and let it dry.
Then take the green Stuff and Mix it together until it becomes green.
Apply it on the base and covering all of it. Make sure the green stuff overlaps the model. Wait for it to harden the remove the base from the green stuff. Now you have your mold.
Cut the edges of the green stuff and make sure not to do too much.

Now mix the resin in the paint squirter mine says 50/50 on the box but you should read and follow as instruction on your box.
Next spray the mold and a washer then put the washer on top of the mold and squirt the resin into the mold from the washer hole.
Wait for it to fully harden mine says wait 24 hours and remove base
Now you have made a base congrats


You want a lot of green stuff prob if your not use to casting rasin. Do not by GW Green Epoxy Putty it is expensive and they jack up the prices. Kneadanite is a great company they have a variety of epoxy putt. There are a bunch of stores that sell it online like Gale Force 9 and the Warstore. Also you local game or hobby store might be able to get it for you.

Don't worry if you break your modls thats why I said you should by a lot of it. If you're new to resin casting you will need a lot.

If you didn't make enough Green Stuff for your mold or it is too thin just mix some more and apply it to the previous mold it should stay stuck together. Green stuff has a nice bonding ability.

The reason I added the Washer is because when I did it without the washer it never hardened for some reason. Also slowly pour the resin in the hole and do not let it over flow. Pour a little at a time and let it settle then pour some more.

February 22, 2011

Tuesday Review - Bot Hunters and Tank Killers vs The Gunners and the Battle Grenadiers

So today’s review is, which is better the Bot Hunters and Tank Killers or The Gunners and the Battle Grenadiers. I would say it depends on your opponent and if you can fit the points in the tournament points system. If the army you are facing is tank heavy then I think you need to take one of these if they aren’t then you need to take their counterpart.
Bot Hunter and Tank Killer
Has 2 Rocket Launchers
Unlimited tank killers
Medium Range Weapons
Less shots than its counter part
Not really an anti infantry unit and worse than its counterpart for anti infantry.
Still launchers are 1/3 and you only get 2 dice per squad.

February 21, 2011

Tournament and Game League

Remember guys Dust Tactics tournament at Groovy Geckos Comics and Games on Saturday. Just 16 points not the new point system yet.

New events in March at the same place.
A 6 week league on Wednesdays starting March 2nd starting at 5:30
Also on Saturday March 26th Tournament, 25 points old points 1 Hero $12.00 starts at noon be there before that.

Posted the events on my calender. Remember if you know of a tournament email me and I'll post them on here and my calender.

Discussion Monday - Game League Kit

So I got a glimpse when the store I go to, Groovy Geckos, got the Dust Tactics Game Night Kit. Inside is a bunch of cool stuff. It comes with 8 Allie badges these are just normal patches that have the Allie symbol on them and the dust tactics logo. I think these are for runners up or something in the league.
It also comes with an Allie and Axis pin. These pins are suppose to be for the winners or MVPs. It says that are to be used for special Dust Tactics events or something and instant access to FFGs games day for Dust in Minnesota which for me is really far away and prob not going. If they have a east coast games day maybe.
The main prize is the 2 special characters in the game night kit, Johnny One Eye and Stephan. Both have some interesting things to add to the game. Stephan is a Axis character with a flamer and the assault ability. This means he can double his movement once per game and flame you to death.
Johnny One Eye is a very interesting character at the time. He has a HMG and the ability Badass (literally). The store owner called FFG trying to find out what this ability is and they said they don’t even know and they have been getting calls from a bunch of stores wondering what it is. They told him they don’t know, but it will be in the Operation Cyclone rulebook in the expansion box. So that might be a reason to spend the $40 to get the box so we can have new abilities for more models.
Something the store owner gave to me a head of time to keep was the “Achievements” sheet this sheet has about 30 Achievements each one varies on points and has different objectives. Like for example one is in one game kill all of your opponent’s troops. This is nice it allows people to have more of an objective each night and also makes it to wear just because you win all your matches don’t mean you won in the end. The points vary from 3 to 10.
The last thing he got was the Dust Tactics poster. It has Sigrid in her robot on the front and rules on how to run the league or a tournament on the back.
He told me that FFG told him anyone can buy this just it has to be ordered from a store with a B2B account with FFG. So if you live out in the middle of know where you might be out of luck but I remember seeing it on some of the forums about college clubs or a local store that doesn’t want to participate in it, if they have an account just tell them to order it for you.

February 20, 2011

New cards

Some one posted the newest cards on board game geeks so I uploaded them on my card page, but if FFG says they need to come down they will. So far so good b/c technically you need the card itself to play in tournaments and official events anyways.

No Play by Play

So no play by play today.

February 19, 2011

Superhero Saturday - Xavier, Eisenhardt, and Jones

Sorry for the delay the posting decided to make it 1:00 pm instead of am.

So today's heroes are Charles Xavier, Max Eisenhardt aka Magneto, and Henry Jones Jr.

Some of these you are prob arguing with me about, but I did backgrounds on them. Charles joined the army right before the Korean War, Magneto I figured they brainwashed him and used his powers as a super weapon for the SS Nazis, and nuff said for Jones.

February 18, 2011

Show Off Friday

Dcal12 painted the minis and made the scenery. I really like the trees and how they fit within the squares. Also if you look in the background there is an awesome facilty of some kind. These little things make the game experience more exciting.

February 17, 2011

Homegrown Thursday

No House Rules today but today's tanks are the Tiger I, the M26 Pershing, and the KV-2. Noted that I changed something about the Panther typo made it 7 HP when it should have been 5.

Also as promised the points for the tournament. Tell me what you think I need some advice on this but this is the best I could come up with. I put a google doc link in the Rulebook section I will update that doc and post just that days cards points on the articles in the future.

M24 Pershing - 45 pts
Tiger I - 46 pts
KV-2 - 48 pts

February 16, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to Repose Models

So I know I said I was going to show how to make your own Dust bases but I decided to show how to rebend your figures. I saw a couple of people show different ways on how to do it. So, I figure I would show how I do it and have visual step by step on how to.

First find a model that is warped most of the warped parts are the guns or arms. 

Second turn a hair dryer on High and hot and blow it on your model for about 15 sec. 
The model should feel soft. Repose the model to the way it should be.
Put it in cold water while holding the pose. This will reharden the model.
Now you model is bent back in place. If this does not work then redo the steps above until you get it right. Now find all your warped models and repose them.
You can also bend the model to pose it in a different pose just subtlety. Like for example I posed one of my commander’s arms in a upright position indeed of straight out on.

It also doesn't hurt paint, the water dip will hurt washes though so watch it if you have washes with no clear coat.

February 15, 2011

New Blog for Dust Tactics

New Blog from Maquinista on the FFG forums. I think it's in Spanish but the blog translates automatically or he is writing in English not sure but take a look. He has a pretty cool looking walker.

February 13, 2011

February 12, 2011

Saturday Cartoons Block - Hellboy and Kroenen

So here's the new day for Superheroes and today's Hellboy, Kroenen, and Aldo Raine
Hellboy I figure he's a demon he can age himself. Kroenen and Aldo are self explanatory.

I upload the new cards to the top of the card page.
Remember if you want to make your own cards send me an email and I'll send you the file you must have microsoft publisher.

February 11, 2011

New Group for Dust Tactics Fans in Atlanta, GA

New Group for People in the Atlanta, GA

Georgia Dust Tactics Meetup Group
"This group is aimed at promoting this fantastic game and bringing together fans for DT games, tournaments, painting events and fun. Hobby Town in Kennesaw has graciously agreed to host events in their store. There's plenty of room for epic battles and a good supply of Dust minis. So choose your favorite army and prepare for battle! You don't have to own the game to participate (we've got that covered for you). If you've been thinking of giving DT a try, come on out and play! If you have your own copy or army and want to bring it, that's great too!" - Paul Urfi
Atlanta Dust Tactics Group

If you in the Atlanta area or visting the area check it out. They meet at a Hobby Town in Kennesaw, GA.
A link has also been added to the link column.

Show Off Friday

Today I wanted to show another 2 super heroes. Hellboy and Kroenen.



February 10, 2011

Homegrown Thursdays - Change of Plans

So I decided to do this a little differently Wednesday will be House Rules and Tank cards. On Saturdays there will be Superhero cards. Also heads up I will post the points for all that I've made so far next week base on the tournament rules. If you have any ideas to what they should cost email me them and I'll see if thats in the ballpark where I want them I was thinking the superheroes in the 30s-50s regular heroes in the 15s-25s and the tanks are in more than 30. For example I was thinking the Chaffee cost about 25-30.

So today's house rules are weather.

Night Fight - Night and day can happen during a game. To show this when shooting greater than 1 range roll 1 less dice for every 3 range minimum shots of 2. This effect lasts 3 full turns at the end of the 3rd turn role a dice on a hit the dawn breaks and if normal fight otherwise still night fight. On turn 4 roll a dice on a blank same thing. On turn 5 the dawn breaks. Vehicles with a search light attached to them are immune.

Snow - To show this when shooting greater than 3 range roll 1 less dice for every 3 range minimum shots of 2. This effect lasts 3 full turns at the end of the 3rd turn role a dice on a hit the storm eases off and normal fight otherwise roll another dice on a hit this time the storm turns into a blizzard(see blizzard). If it does not get worse then roll next turn. Flamethrower and demons squads are immune.

Blizzard - The snow storm goes from regular snow to total blizzard whiteout with high winds. Only range 2 or less can shoot. At the beginning of the turn for every model in play role a dice. On a hit they are frozen and spend one turn thawing. Model cannot do any action for a turn. Any model frozen the next turn must roll a dice again on a hit they are removed as a casualty from frostbite. Vehicles will auto thaw the turn after frozen. Blizzards only last 1 whole turn. Then switch back to snowing. Flamethrower and demons squads are immune.

Glaciers and Frozen Lakes - The battle is happening on top of a giant sheet of ice. The ice could break the units could far through into freezing water. To show this for every model on the table role a dice on a hit they fall through and drown. The model before he drowns can make a leap to save himself. Roll a dice for soft cover on a hit they make it. Vehicles do not fall through they just get stuck for one turn. The vehicles cannot do any action while stuck. Units with flight are immune.

Today's Tanks are the M24 Chaffee, Panther and the T-26.

I upload the new cards to the bottom of the card page. Tanks will go on the bottom of the page and superheroes will go on the top.
Remember if you want to make your own cards send me an email and I'll send you the file you must have microsoft publisher.

February 9, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to Make Captain America and Red Skull

Things you will need:
Exacto Knife
Rip Hunter from Crisis DC
Captain America Ultimate from Avengers Marvel
Easy Company Medic from Cosmic Justice
Red Skull from Avengers Marvel

Everyone has been asking me how I made the Captain America model so today I will show you how. To make these models I used Heroclix models. One, they already have the hero and villain already a model. 
Two, they have a WWII or military looking model for both of them. Reason I like the Heroclix models is because most of them are fairly cheap to buy and you can either get them at a comic store that still sells them or on ebay. Captain America cost me about $2 and Red Skull about $.50. I like the Heroclix models is because most of them are fairly cheap to buy and you can either get them at a comic store that still sells them or on ebay.

So first is Captain America I decided to do like the new Movie previews and no helmet. First thing I did was cut the WWII Captain America right at the pelvis making sure I left the pouches and belt. Then I cut the arm at the shoulder of the Shield Arm. There should be a crease at the joint. Then I cut at the elbow. You can repose the arm with the cuts but I chose to you another arm shown later. Next I cut the head off and then I cut the face from the mask and helmet. Next I took Rip Hunter and cut the head off at the jaw line. I glued that to the next of the Captain America Torso. Then I took the Easy Company Medic and cut him in half at the pelvis. I trimmed off the pouches and rounded the clothes to fit on the Captain America and then I glued them together. I then cut the arm at the shoulder and the elbow again. I trimmed off the arm band and used that to pose Captain America’s arm with the shield. Everything else I kept the same. 

As for Red Skull he was the easiest I cut the Captain America Shield from under his foot replaced it with a rock and put some green stuff on his arm for his Nazi arm band.

For painting I cannot show you how to paint them but I can tell you how I did it. From the Previous how to Paints I did the Bluish Whites, Flesh, Black, Browns and Metal on them. For the reds I based the red with Mechrite Red then Washed with Baal Red. Then for highlighting I used: Scab Red, Blood Red, and 1:1 Blood Red and Blazing Orange. For the blues I did Regal Blue as the base color and washed it with Asurmen Blue. Then I highlighted with Ultramarine Blue, Enchanted Blue and 1:1 Enchanted Blue and Ice Blue.

Once you’re done you should have models that look like these two. Next week I will show you how to make your own bases for the heroclix models and other model you make or buy.