February 2, 2011

Operation First Strike

If your a local hobby store that supplies Dust Tactics or want to get into it and start a league or a tournament you should check this thing out. Its the how to run leagues and tournaments for Dust Tactics. This could have a lot of interesting things that if you can get it for a college gaming club or something would be nice too.
Each kit includes:
  • 8 patches (Allies)
  • 8 achievement booklets
  • 1 Ally pin
  • 1 Axis pin
  • 1 preview Ally figure
  • 1 preview Axis figure
  • 1 poster (19.5"x27.5") / guidebook


Anonymous said...

How do you get this. I would do demos for my LGS. I have for several game systems in the past.

arkangl said...

As far as I know it is only for retailers no one else maybe if you ask them there is an email you can email to.