February 27, 2011

Dust Tactics Tournament Results

So I went to the tournament yesterday and I came in 2nd only to the store own. He only played because there was an odd guy out and he wanted to play. He didn't take the prize and gave it to the second place person (me). So my results were 1-0-2.
My Army List

2x Recon Squads
1x Bot Hunters
2x Pounders

 The first scenario was descent I was the defenders so I was trying to get his men from going up or down the elevator in 8 turns. He tabled me but only with his Pounder left. 

Second game was Counterattack I was attackers I won by tabling him with a couple of squads left he got lucky with some panzerfausts.

Third was Destruction I played the store owner. This was the closest game. I tabled him but I didn’t get to the objective so I didn’t win but I had most of my army on the table.

There was only 4 of us at the tournament some more people were suppose to come but they backed out.

Remember if you know of a tournament or event for Dust Tactics email me and I will post it on the calender.

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