February 22, 2011

Tuesday Review - Bot Hunters and Tank Killers vs The Gunners and the Battle Grenadiers

So today’s review is, which is better the Bot Hunters and Tank Killers or The Gunners and the Battle Grenadiers. I would say it depends on your opponent and if you can fit the points in the tournament points system. If the army you are facing is tank heavy then I think you need to take one of these if they aren’t then you need to take their counterpart.
Bot Hunter and Tank Killer
Has 2 Rocket Launchers
Unlimited tank killers
Medium Range Weapons
Less shots than its counter part
Not really an anti infantry unit and worse than its counterpart for anti infantry.
Still launchers are 1/3 and you only get 2 dice per squad.


Aldarion said...

Say when are this minies coming out? Haven´t seen them mentioned on release comments

arkangl said...

If you buy the gunner or battle grednadiers they come in the box. An extra missile launcher comes with them along with the card. If you buy the premimum version it does not come with the box.

Aldarion said...

thanx for the info!