February 6, 2011

Sunday's Play by Play

Today’s Play by Play was Mission 3 General Assault
The mission is the attackers have to get inside of the building and the defenders have to prevent them from doing it. My friend was the attacker and I was the defender. So here’s the deployment pretty simple.

Then we deployed he was trying to go for the walls and straight for the center while I was hiding behind the walls.

Then turn one starts I won the role and chose to go first but not move so he moved all his guys.

Next he won the role off and moved closer while I started to move my men out of cover.

Turn3 I moved fired with my flamer squad at his Luther trying to kill it with the demo charges and the flamer but only landing 2 HP on it. He returned fire and killed the entire team. Then I fire with the Pounder not landing a single blow. His Ludwig moved into position to fire at the wall and my Hotdog moved to get closer to the battle. His MG squad moved closer to plant demo charges. Then my MG squad moved closer. His rocket and laser squad moved up against the wall to protect them. MY rocket squad fired at the Ludwig and dealt 3 HP from the Bazooka.

Turn 4 He won the roll and used the Luther to almost killing my MG squad. Then I fired at his Luther with the Pounder destroying it.His laser squad finished off my MG squad. My rocket squad fired at the Ludwig not dealing any damage.  His Ludwig fired at the wall knocking 4 HP from it and his MG squad moved closer to the wall. His Rocket squad hit and did not move.

Turn 5 I won the roll and I fired at the Ludwig killing it. His MG demo charged the wall and not killing it but didn’t want to reroll and moved back to prepare to fire at my Rocket guys. My rocket guys shot at the Laser squad killing them and putting 2 HP on Sigrid. His Rocket squad moved closer and fired at my Rocket squad killing 4 guys and dealing 1 HP to Joe. My Hot Dog moved closer. Sigrid didn’t do anything.

Turn 6 I won the roll shot almost killed the rocket squad and moved back. His Rocket Squad tried to shoot at my Rocket squad and failed to do any wounds. My Hot Dog finished off the MG squad with the .50 cal. Sigrid and my pounder didn’t do anything because they were waiting for the other to move. Then his MG squad moved closer.

Turn 7 I won the roll and moved and killed his MG squad. By this time the game was over and he just let my Hot Dog kill Sigrid. Game over I won.

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