February 21, 2011

Tournament and Game League

Remember guys Dust Tactics tournament at Groovy Geckos Comics and Games on Saturday. Just 16 points not the new point system yet.

New events in March at the same place.
A 6 week league on Wednesdays starting March 2nd starting at 5:30
Also on Saturday March 26th Tournament, 25 points old points 1 Hero $12.00 starts at noon be there before that.

Posted the events on my calender. Remember if you know of a tournament email me and I'll post them on here and my calender.


cesar said...

Hi pal, i have a question, maybe like a real dust fan, yo will know the answer. I´m a begginer player and i like this game a lot, so i wanna improve my tactics and rise my strategic knowledge about this game, and i have search arround the web to find some strategy advice, tips, maybe battle reports, in general, articles or posts about units pros and cons, you know,... stgrategy !!! but i haven´t get luck because i have not found anything about strategy resources. So, please can you suggest me some websites ? i´ll appreciate ir a lot! I´m from Southamerica and here is not too much strategy gaming lovers like me! thanks by your attention!
p.d. my email adress is cibermano@gmail.com

arkangl said...

I haven't really doing an armylist yet other than swapping the Gunners for the Bot Hunters and Joe with Johnny. I plays an entire proxy recon army vesus a standard and it was pretty funny. I plan on doing tactics and army building but thats in time since there isn't very many choices in the game yet. If you have any play tests with an army building I'd like to see what you have but I don't really have too many yet.