February 21, 2011

Discussion Monday - Game League Kit

So I got a glimpse when the store I go to, Groovy Geckos, got the Dust Tactics Game Night Kit. Inside is a bunch of cool stuff. It comes with 8 Allie badges these are just normal patches that have the Allie symbol on them and the dust tactics logo. I think these are for runners up or something in the league.
It also comes with an Allie and Axis pin. These pins are suppose to be for the winners or MVPs. It says that are to be used for special Dust Tactics events or something and instant access to FFGs games day for Dust in Minnesota which for me is really far away and prob not going. If they have a east coast games day maybe.
The main prize is the 2 special characters in the game night kit, Johnny One Eye and Stephan. Both have some interesting things to add to the game. Stephan is a Axis character with a flamer and the assault ability. This means he can double his movement once per game and flame you to death.
Johnny One Eye is a very interesting character at the time. He has a HMG and the ability Badass (literally). The store owner called FFG trying to find out what this ability is and they said they don’t even know and they have been getting calls from a bunch of stores wondering what it is. They told him they don’t know, but it will be in the Operation Cyclone rulebook in the expansion box. So that might be a reason to spend the $40 to get the box so we can have new abilities for more models.
Something the store owner gave to me a head of time to keep was the “Achievements” sheet this sheet has about 30 Achievements each one varies on points and has different objectives. Like for example one is in one game kill all of your opponent’s troops. This is nice it allows people to have more of an objective each night and also makes it to wear just because you win all your matches don’t mean you won in the end. The points vary from 3 to 10.
The last thing he got was the Dust Tactics poster. It has Sigrid in her robot on the front and rules on how to run the league or a tournament on the back.
He told me that FFG told him anyone can buy this just it has to be ordered from a store with a B2B account with FFG. So if you live out in the middle of know where you might be out of luck but I remember seeing it on some of the forums about college clubs or a local store that doesn’t want to participate in it, if they have an account just tell them to order it for you.

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