February 12, 2011

Saturday Cartoons Block - Hellboy and Kroenen

So here's the new day for Superheroes and today's Hellboy, Kroenen, and Aldo Raine
Hellboy I figure he's a demon he can age himself. Kroenen and Aldo are self explanatory.

I upload the new cards to the top of the card page.
Remember if you want to make your own cards send me an email and I'll send you the file you must have microsoft publisher.


Braxen said...

I'm following your blog every week and I find it very active and with lots of cool art.

Where I don't follow you is that it seems to lean heavily on comics rather than a semi-"realistic" alternate WWII as intended by Dust Tactics' creator Paolo Parente. Well, at least that's what interests me in his world and I want to know more about it. So I'm finding your latest posts actually diverging from what I am looking for (just feedback from another gamer with interest in DT).

but it is only a game and you should enjoy it the way you best see fit.

arkangl said...

Thanks for the feedback. Thats why I split the cards now into wednesdays for tanks and saturdays for heroes. I have some other card that will be released for units also of WWII models I found like Incursion that would totally fit into the story. Aldo Raine is also another example of being both a movie hero and an alternate reality WWII.