February 16, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to Repose Models

So I know I said I was going to show how to make your own Dust bases but I decided to show how to rebend your figures. I saw a couple of people show different ways on how to do it. So, I figure I would show how I do it and have visual step by step on how to.

First find a model that is warped most of the warped parts are the guns or arms. 

Second turn a hair dryer on High and hot and blow it on your model for about 15 sec. 
The model should feel soft. Repose the model to the way it should be.
Put it in cold water while holding the pose. This will reharden the model.
Now you model is bent back in place. If this does not work then redo the steps above until you get it right. Now find all your warped models and repose them.
You can also bend the model to pose it in a different pose just subtlety. Like for example I posed one of my commander’s arms in a upright position indeed of straight out on.

It also doesn't hurt paint, the water dip will hurt washes though so watch it if you have washes with no clear coat.


Braxen said...

good article and needed (I have some bad bending cases!...)

arkangl said...

No prob. Lol I had to warp some of mine to show this because I already fixed all mine. Also I was thinking of bending some to make them look like they are kneeling.

arkangl said...

lol sorry everyone for some of the blurry pics. My camera I normally use is on loan to someone.

Aldarion said...

top cool!

Salvador said...

Of great help. Many, many thanks! Now AT43 oldies and DUST miniatures will look "stgraight" if I may say so...