February 28, 2011

Discussion Monday – Dust Wars Comic

So I got the 2 other issues of Dust Wars the other day and decided to read them. It is pretty interesting because it shows Russia and Allies teaming up and not as enemies like in the actual WWII. This comic is a bit more PG friendly that Paolo Parente’s Dust. It has a little bit of blood and gore but nothing risqué as the other comic. It’s about mostly Bazooka Joe, Mickey a mechanic that’s working on building the robots for the allies, and a Russia pink hair female captain, Captain Koshka who is in love with Joe. This is when Joe and her first meet. You find out Joe was a bit of a prankster and a gambler. He was a cook for the secret military base in Europe. Mean while Mickey is trying to develop a walker for the Allies under secret while Joe tries to find out himself what she’s up to. While that is happening Koshka is patrolling a city when she gets attacked by a Gunther. It takes about 5 or 6 of the Russia walkers to take it out. Later Joe gets in trouble with the bases commander for gambling with the bases money, and is sent on patrol.  While on patrol Joe and Mickey are ambushed by Koshka who thinks they are Axis. They both find out they’re one the same side when it come to Sigrid and the Axis and they both  team up and ambush Sigrid’s convoy and stop her.
The artwork is top notch like the other comic series and the story it good for background knowledge of the heroes, especially Joe.

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