February 23, 2011

Hobby Wednesday – How to make your own bases

Stuff Your Will Need
A model
Exacto knife
Green Stuff or Green Epoxy Putty
Small Paint Squirter
Resin Making Kit
1/4”x 1-1/4” Washer
Release Spray for the Resin
First you need to take your exacto blade and your model and cut the model off the base gently so you don’t cut the model.
Spray your base with the releasing spray and let it dry.
Then take the green Stuff and Mix it together until it becomes green.
Apply it on the base and covering all of it. Make sure the green stuff overlaps the model. Wait for it to harden the remove the base from the green stuff. Now you have your mold.
Cut the edges of the green stuff and make sure not to do too much.

Now mix the resin in the paint squirter mine says 50/50 on the box but you should read and follow as instruction on your box.
Next spray the mold and a washer then put the washer on top of the mold and squirt the resin into the mold from the washer hole.
Wait for it to fully harden mine says wait 24 hours and remove base
Now you have made a base congrats


You want a lot of green stuff prob if your not use to casting rasin. Do not by GW Green Epoxy Putty it is expensive and they jack up the prices. Kneadanite is a great company they have a variety of epoxy putt. There are a bunch of stores that sell it online like Gale Force 9 and the Warstore. Also you local game or hobby store might be able to get it for you.

Don't worry if you break your modls thats why I said you should by a lot of it. If you're new to resin casting you will need a lot.

If you didn't make enough Green Stuff for your mold or it is too thin just mix some more and apply it to the previous mold it should stay stuck together. Green stuff has a nice bonding ability.

The reason I added the Washer is because when I did it without the washer it never hardened for some reason. Also slowly pour the resin in the hole and do not let it over flow. Pour a little at a time and let it settle then pour some more.


Timothy said...

Nice tutorial. I was just wondering about bases for making customs. I am sure there are a lot of Heroclix, Mage Knights, Heroscape, etc. minis just waiting to be turned into Dust Tactics units.

Braxen said...

Very nice tutorial!