March 31, 2011

Homegrown Thursday - Heavy Armored Infantry

So today's cards aren't tanks nor superheroes, but I think you'll like them just the same. These are heavy exosuits from 2 different games. The Lucky Seventh is from Incursion and the Ekzoskelet Gvardii are from Doomed 1949. Grindhouse Games makes Incursion and West Wind Productions make Doomed 1949. There would be German ones but there isn't an actual card of the Solidat X so you'll have to wait for me to paint mine.

March 30, 2011

Announcement - Dust Tactics Army Builder file

Charlie of Groovy Geckos and I are in the process of making a Dust Tactics Army Builder file, but we need your help. If you have any experience in making Army Builder files or even XML programming (its in XML format with some custom variables) send me an email. As of right now I just have the Definition file is mostly done and do not message me when it will be released, I will announce it when we get it done. Currently no set date for release.

Hobby Wednesday - How to make the Rocketeer

So today is a pretty simple one, the Rocketeer. He's simple to make just get some rocket men from Pulp Figures and a Blackhawk Heroclix Figure. The only problem with using the Rocketeer by himself is that it is 28mm, but his proportion are off the up body is actually bigger and ready to use as a 35mm model. Just cut the 2 models in half and glue together the torso of the Rocketman and the legs of the Blackhawk.

March 29, 2011

Tuesday Review

Will be posting a review when I get my stuff tomorrow after my game night (about 9-11pm GMT-5). I cannot post any OFFICIAL Dust Tactics cards was told by FFG themselves. I can still post my homemade ones being they I designed them not FFG.

March 28, 2011

Discussion Monday – Tactics for Achievements for Operation First Strike

So I have played a couple of Dust Tactics League Nights at Groovy Geckos and I thought today I would discuss the achievements in the league. First of all keep track of all the achievements you complete per game and tell your TO at the end of every game to sign off that achievement. If you table someone you pretty much got at least 10 achievements.

Sniper is a little hard to get because you need to get him in the open and you need to overkill him. Recommend the Steel Rain and unleash all the missiles at once.

Fresh Blood can be easy just bring someone you know that would like to learn to play.

Overwhelm pretty easy just pump enough fire power into one squad and you get it.

Tactician FFG told my TO this one is only given to the Attacker never the Defender.

Anti Armor Expert is pretty simple kill all the vehicles first usually people will only get to take 2-4.

Completist hardest one but no strategy, get all the achievements.

No Prisoners has happened quite often in my store just table someone.

Tank Killers kill a vehicle pretty simple just pump enough fire power.

Hardened Leader is one of the ones you would think it would be easy but it can be hard if you take an all or nothing attack kind of thing.

Tank Commander is the same as above.

Defender of Freedom  is pretty simple just win using Allies.

Iron Cross Recipient is the same as above.

Civil Rivalry is pretty simple as above just play an opponent of the same faction and win.

Seasoned Veteran is pretty simple too. Show up to all of the event dates and get it.

Sticky Bomb pretty simple kill a vehicle with a tank, flamer, or bot hunter squad in one shot.

Attrition is again table someone.

Call to Arms is pretty hard same as No Prisoners but have 2 squads so you can get these 2 at the same time.

Surgical Strike is pretty hard especially if he is behind cover or in a squad you would have to pull something out your butt to get this or cheat with your opponent.

Heavy Weapons sounds pretty simple but can be super hard at the same time.

Unseen Enemy is basically sit your hero away from the battle and let him survive 8 turns.

Master Artillery Officer hasn’t come yet since command squads have not come out. But just have a bunch of command squads and a bunch of artillery.

Lieutenant General same as tactician haven’t a clue why it is put twice.

March 27, 2011

Sunday Play by Play Mission: Intrusion

Saturday my friend Alex and I played the next mission on the list, Intrusion. It consists of the attacker trying to prevent the enemy from gaining reinforcements by shutting the hatches on the map.

So this is the set up for the mission. Pretty self explanatory the 3 objective spots.

So in this mission it says I deploy my guys and Alex waits to enter the table on turn 1. I put my MG and Flamer squad in 2 of the hatch areas and left the one on my side unattended. Joe and the Gunners were put on the other side of the wall of the Flamer squad and the Hotdog was placed on the other side of the MG squad.

Turn1 was just Alex and I moving closer toward the center. Most of his units double moved. While my men moved closer to his men but staying in cover.

Turn 2 was another movement turn. Alex’s units begin readying to grab the objectives and mine get ready to shoot him. I moved out of the objective not to allow him to claim it but for me not to be stuck in the objective. It became a standoff at one point to see who would make the move to be shot at first.

Turn 3 was where the shooting started. Alex won the initiative and moved his MG squad to shoot my MG squad, killing 2. I returned fire killing 2. Alex’s Rocket squad moved in and shot at my Flamer squad killing 2 and I returned fire to kill 2. His Luther moved across the open spot to gain cover. My rocket squad moved to fire and kill Alex’s rocket squad and his Ludwig moved to fire at my Rocket squad not landing a single blow. My Pounder moved and fired at his Ludwig destroying it.  Alex deactivated his laser squad and I moved my Hotdog to kill his MG squad.

Turn 4 Alex won the initiative and moved and shot with his Luther putting 2 blows on my Hotdog. I moved a tired closer to him knowing that he will have to go in the objective to take it and I will shoot it with my Pounder. His laser squad moved to the edge of cover. I moved my flamer squad and shot at his laser squad. I had 6 shots but he made an impressive 4 soft cover saves. My MG squad moved to the next tile over being that they cannot hurt the Luther


Turn 5 Alex won the initiative and killed my flamer squad with lasers and moved closer to his objective. My MG squad shot at his laser squad killing Sigrid and the remaining members of the squad. Alex then fired at my Hotdog with his Luther not landing a single blow. My Hotdog moved and returned fire doing the same.

Turn 6 I won the initiative shooting the Luther with my Hotdog landing a killing blow to the Luther.

Game ended Victory to me.

March 26, 2011

Superheroes Saturday - Atom Hawkman Dr. Fate

Today is a continuation from Green Lantern and Flash and adding more members of the JLA back in WWII.

March 25, 2011

Announcement - Regional Tournaments


So today they announce the regional tournaments. The way it looks is that there are 5 places to go and 3 of them are on the east coast and 2 are in the middle of the country. If you live in the south west section your out of luck for now. I'll be going to groovy geckos, may 7th. The list is up check it out.

Also new things at the Dust Models website, Bases are coming soon, Operation Cyclone premium, the command and sniper boxes premium said to release the end of march and has free shipping.

Remember if you have a tournament or event you want to tell me about send me an email and I'll post it on the calender.

Show off Friday - Custom Game Table

One of the Blog's followers, kenchan13, has sent me these photos of his sweet Dust Tactics game table. I think he may use it for a universal table not just Dust. He told me that he go the table top from Ikea for $6 and it is 4'x6' I would assume it was one of the scratch and dent ones due to the fact that why would you spend like $200 to destroy it. He said he just applied textured spray paint and then hand painted and spray painted the rest on it. He also used Warhammer 40k terrain kits from Games Workshop.

Remember if you have any painted models or terrain like Kenchan here email (link on sidebar) me some pics and you will be on here post new painted stuff every Friday if I don't get around to painting and no one sends me any there won't be one for that Friday.

March 24, 2011

Don't forget this Saturday

2 things this weekend.
1) Dust Tactics Game Night starts in Rowlett, TX  at Game Master. The information as on my calender just look for it if you are in the area check it out. This will be a 6 week event.
2) Dust Tactics Tournament at Groovy Geckos Comics and Games the link is on the side. Charlie told me he hasn't determined how many points yet but probably 200. Price is $10 it includes food. Directions and address are on the stores website. If you live in the area check it out. If you want to learn how to play and are in the area check it out, Charlie will happily show you how to play and has all the stuff to get you started on making your own army. I will be there playing in the tournament as far as I know 4 people will be playing in the tournament so far.
1 Announcement
Charlie at Groovy Geckos Comics and Games told me he will be hosting a regional match for the state of Virginia. This will have a ton of prizes. He told me it will either be May 7 or May 28. He will post it on the site when . If your looking for a big tournament to go to and living in VA come to it.

Homegrown Thursdays - New Dust Model's Walkers

 Terrain Destroyer - When the vehicle with this ability is in a square next to terrain he can take 1 action to destroy any kind of terrain. To destroy a piece of terrain roll a dice on a hit the piece is destroyed. This applies to Walls and Tank Traps for now.

I also reorganized the cards. Official cards are uptop and the ones I make are at the bottom.

Also if you have any ideas for cards other than WWII tanks (already have all the stuff just need to wait for the tank to come out) send me an email.

March 23, 2011

Cool Website


It should auto translate for you to english. It's in french I think but this guy takes Warhammer 40k models and convert them to still be used for 40k but have a WWII look to them. Some of his stuff is amazing.

New Expansions Announced

So today the next expansion Operation Seelowe has been announced and the models' images have been released.

Here and Here

These will be a nice addition to the game with armor 3 infantry and fast walkers. The WW2Weird is starting to show. Hopefully Zombies will be coming out also but they might be in the next expansion. Also can't help it but what happen to Operation Paperclip? And I can't help to notice the Ozz 117 guy is the Master Chief of Dust, including name John117 and Ozz 117, power armor, hero, Halo vs Seelowe.

Hobby Wednesday - How to make a crashed Russian Drop Pod

Things Needed:
Exacto Blade
Large Can bigger than soda can (Rockstar Energy Drink or Arizon Tea works fine)
Thin Sheet of Plastic Card
Thicker Sheets of Plastic Card
Hole Puncher
Dremel Tool with a rotor bit
Small Plastic Rod 

I decided to do this using 3D objects I made to make it a little less confusing. These objects are color coated only for the tutorial not the actual paint scheme.

1) Measure on a thick sheet of plactic card 9.3cm x 9.3cm square
2) Cut out the square
3) Repeat and make a second square
4) Mark the angle the can will be on the square.
5) Cut the can on the marked line and then mark the square the circle the can makes.
6) Use the dremel and cut the circle out of the square and glue the second square to the cut one.
7) Glue the can to the square in the circle.
8) Using this template below draw 3 fins on a thick sheet of plactic card. There will need to be some scaling depending on the size of can you use so bare in mind this isn't to any scale just a template to be used.

9) Cut the fins out.
10) Measure 3x 1/2" on the plastic rod. Then cut.
11) Glue the middle of the rod 3/4" down the can at the bottom and bend the rod to mold around
 the can. Glue these evenly apart.

12) Turn the can upside down and glue the fins equally spaced out from each other facing the bottom of the  can up against the rods.
 13) Measure 4 strips of think plastic card  1/2" wide x full sheet length and cut them out.
14) Glue 3 of them spaced out vertically on the can starting about 3/4" down the can from the bottom of the can and cut any excess.
15) Glue 1 strip around the top of the upside down can covering the top of the 3 strips.
 16) Hole punch rivets from a small sheet of plastic then glue them evenly across the horizontal beam like shown.
 17) Drop Pod is done. Now prime it and paint it.
- You can add cannon holes to the pod by cutting them out and putting green stuff on the inside of the can before you glue it to the base. (Might want to put the pod together first if your going to do this)
- You can add steel wool to the pod to make it look like its smoking.
- You can cut into the base and make it look like the ice it crashed into cracked.
- You can add string and some material to the pod's top to make it look like the parachute was deployed.

March 22, 2011

No Tuesday Review

Sorry guys my store didn't get thier stuff in yet so I haven't been able to pick up the new operation cyclone yet. It's suppose to come in today! Hopefully...

March 21, 2011

Discussion Monday – Allie Army Building for Tournaments and Game Leagues

So today I thought I would discuss army building, since there has been some time for people to get units that are coming out and people are acquiring more than one box of dust tactics.
I went to a tournament a couple of weeks ago and it was 150pts and I brought Joe 2 recon squads 1 bot hunter and 2 pounders.  What did I learn by playing this? I should have taken the BBQ squad instead of the 2 recon squads. They would have brought a faster paste to my army and allowed me to win certain games. I played Destruction and I was 1 tile away from winning and even though I tabled my opponent I didn’t win the game. The only negative to my using the BBQ Squad would be that I have 2 troops instead of 3 and the recon squads took a look of fire power so my Bot Hunters and Walkers could do their job. If it was 200pts I wouldn’t have worried because I would have added a squad of The Gunners and a BBQ Squad.
There are some other options that probably wouldn’t be as affective would be 13 squads of Recon Boys and Joe or 5 Pounders.
There are a couple of things I would think of in this game.
1) Mobility – If you need to claim an objective you want to be as fast as possible otherwise you will never get there.  That is where the BBQ squad and models with fast and assault come in handy.
2) Fire Power – Your probably want an equal squad of anti tank and anti infantry. This is a tough one to make because almost every squad is one or the other. Things to consider would be using The Gunners rather than the Bot Hunters against a large infantry army. Those grenade launchers can add extra against troops.
3) Balance – You don’t want to focus on one type and have your opponent be the complete opposite and beat you every time you face him. Try combining as much as possible a good tool to go by is look at the starter box 1 hero 3 troops and 2 walkers. That way you can have a little bit of everything in the army.

March 19, 2011

Homegrown Wednesday and Saturday - Red Blok!

So today is a bunch of new cards for the AT-43 Red Blok models. First there are some special rules for Dust to suit the models.

Vehicle Squadron
They act like a squad but also a vehicle.
Smaller Vehicles Only
They must stay in the same square.
The HP on the card is for each vehicle.
The weapons stats are for each walker with the weapon.
No heroes can join any of these units unless it is a vehicle hero or said they can on their card.
Mechanics special rule only repairs 1 model at a time not the whole squadron.
Since they are vehicles they can fire each weapon at a different unit.
They are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

Hero Vehicle
They follow all vehicle and hero rules.
They may not join an infantry squad.
They are officers to only to vehicle squadrons.
Can occupy the same square as an infantry squad but cannot join.
Cannot occupy the same square as another vehicle except squadrons.
They have a built in Radio.
Smaller Vehicles (Armor 2 or less) are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

 Also added is a fourth card for the Axis something really easy to make from the box.