March 19, 2011

Homegrown Wednesday and Saturday - Red Blok!

So today is a bunch of new cards for the AT-43 Red Blok models. First there are some special rules for Dust to suit the models.

Vehicle Squadron
They act like a squad but also a vehicle.
Smaller Vehicles Only
They must stay in the same square.
The HP on the card is for each vehicle.
The weapons stats are for each walker with the weapon.
No heroes can join any of these units unless it is a vehicle hero or said they can on their card.
Mechanics special rule only repairs 1 model at a time not the whole squadron.
Since they are vehicles they can fire each weapon at a different unit.
They are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

Hero Vehicle
They follow all vehicle and hero rules.
They may not join an infantry squad.
They are officers to only to vehicle squadrons.
Can occupy the same square as an infantry squad but cannot join.
Cannot occupy the same square as another vehicle except squadrons.
They have a built in Radio.
Smaller Vehicles (Armor 2 or less) are immune to tank traps they can walk around them as normal.

 Also added is a fourth card for the Axis something really easy to make from the box.


Dustin said...

Great, thank you!

Daniel said...

Looks great

Aldarion said...

well done!!

Ed Cope said...

Absolutely Brilliant, but need i ask ...

Dotch Yaga? ;)