March 7, 2011

Discussion Monday – Dust Strategy Board Game

So today I thought I would discuss the other Dust game the “Dust Strategy Board Game”. This game came out before Dust Tactics has the same theme but is like Axis and Allies meets Risk and Stratego with some other rules add. The purpose is to gain mineral deposits to gain more units. The objective is to build up an army and conquer your opponents’ capitals and/or gain 70 victory points. The game has a bit of an RTS feel to it also due to all units cost points and you need to harvest these points. You can build land, sea, and air units to help you win your game. There are also cards these cards can help you win a battle or give you a special ability. These abilities can vary depending on the unit it’s being used on.  They also have neutral cities that have their own militia to defend from attack. If you like Dust Tactics and games like Risk I’d recommend picking up this game.
This game could also be easily used for a Dust Tactics campaign using the board game and a campaign rulebook like Warhammer 40ks campaign rules or something alike. You can make it to where each unit you build is represented by a unit on the board. You could start in areas only where the dust tactics map has you located. I currently am in the process of making one and will be posted on a future Thursday for rules and fun. A home rule map may need to be made due to the fact that currently Dust Tactics takes place in Antarctica and there is no Antarctica on the board also could make more spaces for a more exciting longer campaign.

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