March 23, 2011

New Expansions Announced

So today the next expansion Operation Seelowe has been announced and the models' images have been released.

Here and Here

These will be a nice addition to the game with armor 3 infantry and fast walkers. The WW2Weird is starting to show. Hopefully Zombies will be coming out also but they might be in the next expansion. Also can't help it but what happen to Operation Paperclip? And I can't help to notice the Ozz 117 guy is the Master Chief of Dust, including name John117 and Ozz 117, power armor, hero, Halo vs Seelowe.


Ed Cope said...

The new walker look amazing ... can't say the same for the two new characters. I was hoping the apes were going to look more like the Karman's from AT-43 and the Power Armored guy looks like a space marine. I might sub a tacarm for him.

arkangl said...

They showed what the apes look like for a while now in the strategy game I think and the comic book. They are described as something along the lines as dead nazi's brains were removed and put into the gorillas and reanimated. The AT-43 armored suits would be way too advance. The axis haven't even gotten the suit like that yet. The Ozz117 is a bit blurry so I don't really know what to think. I kinda think it looks like a cross between a bulky old diver suit and a astronaut. I was even thinking of painting him that way, but I also think he looks like retro scifi Jetson suit or something.