March 18, 2011

No Show Off Friday

Haven't had time to paint any figures due to trying to release the Red Blok Cards tomorrow and haven't seen any online to post about. If you have any painted figures take pics and email them to me.
Email is

Something Nice I Found on the site Dakka Dakka was a custom posed walker from His Master's Voice

The link to his gallery on Dakka Dakka is Here


CounterFett said...

I am pretty fond of the stock poses on these, and not just because I am lazy, but it is amazing how much can be done in terms of posing.

That one is awesome.

Incidentally, now that I am settled into the new house, I should be painting up my Recon Boys. If they come out half decent, I'll send you some pics!

Aldarion said...

that´s amazing! wish t´d come with a tutorial or something

arkangl said...

I think I'll come out with one soon but I've already got a couple lined up to do.