March 27, 2011

Sunday Play by Play Mission: Intrusion

Saturday my friend Alex and I played the next mission on the list, Intrusion. It consists of the attacker trying to prevent the enemy from gaining reinforcements by shutting the hatches on the map.

So this is the set up for the mission. Pretty self explanatory the 3 objective spots.

So in this mission it says I deploy my guys and Alex waits to enter the table on turn 1. I put my MG and Flamer squad in 2 of the hatch areas and left the one on my side unattended. Joe and the Gunners were put on the other side of the wall of the Flamer squad and the Hotdog was placed on the other side of the MG squad.

Turn1 was just Alex and I moving closer toward the center. Most of his units double moved. While my men moved closer to his men but staying in cover.

Turn 2 was another movement turn. Alex’s units begin readying to grab the objectives and mine get ready to shoot him. I moved out of the objective not to allow him to claim it but for me not to be stuck in the objective. It became a standoff at one point to see who would make the move to be shot at first.

Turn 3 was where the shooting started. Alex won the initiative and moved his MG squad to shoot my MG squad, killing 2. I returned fire killing 2. Alex’s Rocket squad moved in and shot at my Flamer squad killing 2 and I returned fire to kill 2. His Luther moved across the open spot to gain cover. My rocket squad moved to fire and kill Alex’s rocket squad and his Ludwig moved to fire at my Rocket squad not landing a single blow. My Pounder moved and fired at his Ludwig destroying it.  Alex deactivated his laser squad and I moved my Hotdog to kill his MG squad.

Turn 4 Alex won the initiative and moved and shot with his Luther putting 2 blows on my Hotdog. I moved a tired closer to him knowing that he will have to go in the objective to take it and I will shoot it with my Pounder. His laser squad moved to the edge of cover. I moved my flamer squad and shot at his laser squad. I had 6 shots but he made an impressive 4 soft cover saves. My MG squad moved to the next tile over being that they cannot hurt the Luther


Turn 5 Alex won the initiative and killed my flamer squad with lasers and moved closer to his objective. My MG squad shot at his laser squad killing Sigrid and the remaining members of the squad. Alex then fired at my Hotdog with his Luther not landing a single blow. My Hotdog moved and returned fire doing the same.

Turn 6 I won the initiative shooting the Luther with my Hotdog landing a killing blow to the Luther.

Game ended Victory to me.

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