March 23, 2011

Hobby Wednesday - How to make a crashed Russian Drop Pod

Things Needed:
Exacto Blade
Large Can bigger than soda can (Rockstar Energy Drink or Arizon Tea works fine)
Thin Sheet of Plastic Card
Thicker Sheets of Plastic Card
Hole Puncher
Dremel Tool with a rotor bit
Small Plastic Rod 

I decided to do this using 3D objects I made to make it a little less confusing. These objects are color coated only for the tutorial not the actual paint scheme.

1) Measure on a thick sheet of plactic card 9.3cm x 9.3cm square
2) Cut out the square
3) Repeat and make a second square
4) Mark the angle the can will be on the square.
5) Cut the can on the marked line and then mark the square the circle the can makes.
6) Use the dremel and cut the circle out of the square and glue the second square to the cut one.
7) Glue the can to the square in the circle.
8) Using this template below draw 3 fins on a thick sheet of plactic card. There will need to be some scaling depending on the size of can you use so bare in mind this isn't to any scale just a template to be used.

9) Cut the fins out.
10) Measure 3x 1/2" on the plastic rod. Then cut.
11) Glue the middle of the rod 3/4" down the can at the bottom and bend the rod to mold around
 the can. Glue these evenly apart.

12) Turn the can upside down and glue the fins equally spaced out from each other facing the bottom of the  can up against the rods.
 13) Measure 4 strips of think plastic card  1/2" wide x full sheet length and cut them out.
14) Glue 3 of them spaced out vertically on the can starting about 3/4" down the can from the bottom of the can and cut any excess.
15) Glue 1 strip around the top of the upside down can covering the top of the 3 strips.
 16) Hole punch rivets from a small sheet of plastic then glue them evenly across the horizontal beam like shown.
 17) Drop Pod is done. Now prime it and paint it.
- You can add cannon holes to the pod by cutting them out and putting green stuff on the inside of the can before you glue it to the base. (Might want to put the pod together first if your going to do this)
- You can add steel wool to the pod to make it look like its smoking.
- You can cut into the base and make it look like the ice it crashed into cracked.
- You can add string and some material to the pod's top to make it look like the parachute was deployed.

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