March 7, 2011

Late Sundays Play by Play

So here is the setup for the mission. I have to get my men to the 4th row of squares closest to my deployment at the bottom and hold there for 8 turns. While he has 3 squads to start off with and a Ludwig coming later.

I enter the table from the 3 squares at the bottom. MY friend deployed his laser squad with sigrid in the middle and the rocket and MG squads on each side.

So I decided to show turn 1 and turn 2 because it was just a bunch of movement. I only shot my pounder at the laser squad knocking most of the squad out. My flamer squad decided to chase the MG squad. My rockets try to come around and kill his rocket guys and my MG squad goes up the middle.

Turn 3 I win the objective and use my flamer squad to take out his MG squad. His rocket squad fires at mine and kills 3 guys. I return fire killing 2. Then his laser squad moves into hiding. My Hotdog moves closer to the rocket squad and kills another model. My pounder moves to the right to help the flamer squad with the second wave.

On turn 4 He win the iniative and fires his lonely rocket guy at my rocket squad failing to get a hit. I return fire killing the last guy. His laser squad moves back where they were and fires at my MG squad. His got hits on all my guys but I made 3 cover saves. I tried firing at the laser squad but no luck on getting a hit. His ludwig moved into position and fired at my MG squad but also no luck on getting a hit. My flamer squad double moved behind cover and my Pounder moved closer to the Ludwig.

Turn 5 He won the iniative and killed my MG squad. My flamer squad moved back a squad and his Ludwig double moved. My Hotdog double moved and the rocket squad moved behind them. My Pounder fired at the Ludwig not getting a Hit.

On turn 6 I won the initiative I moved my Hotdog closer and his laser squad popped out and the heavy  laser and used berserk to take it out with some lucky shots. My pounder fired its cannon at the Ludwig and the MGs at the laser squad. Killed the laser squad but did only one hit on the Ludwig. His ludwig returned fire killing my pounder. My rocket squad and flamer squad moved around the bored.

Turn 7 I moved and fired my flamer squad at the Ludwig not landing any hits. His ludwig fired at my flamers dealing a lot of hits but I made all by 2 for cover. My rocket squad stayed in place to win.

Turn 8 I tried again on firing at the Ludwig flamer failed but the democharges did 2 damage. He returned fire and killing 2 of the 3 left from last turn. Game ends and victory goes to me.

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