March 31, 2011

Homegrown Thursday - Heavy Armored Infantry

So today's cards aren't tanks nor superheroes, but I think you'll like them just the same. These are heavy exosuits from 2 different games. The Lucky Seventh is from Incursion and the Ekzoskelet Gvardii are from Doomed 1949. Grindhouse Games makes Incursion and West Wind Productions make Doomed 1949. There would be German ones but there isn't an actual card of the Solidat X so you'll have to wait for me to paint mine.


Aldarion said...

Well done, as usual! A question: how many of each weapon there is on the squads?

arkangl said...

Well the Incursion models only come as WYSIWYG models. And the Russians only have 1 of each range weapon and 5 combat weapons

Mac said...

I love the Lucky Seventh! Are you going to do MI-13 also?