March 28, 2011

Discussion Monday – Tactics for Achievements for Operation First Strike

So I have played a couple of Dust Tactics League Nights at Groovy Geckos and I thought today I would discuss the achievements in the league. First of all keep track of all the achievements you complete per game and tell your TO at the end of every game to sign off that achievement. If you table someone you pretty much got at least 10 achievements.

Sniper is a little hard to get because you need to get him in the open and you need to overkill him. Recommend the Steel Rain and unleash all the missiles at once.

Fresh Blood can be easy just bring someone you know that would like to learn to play.

Overwhelm pretty easy just pump enough fire power into one squad and you get it.

Tactician FFG told my TO this one is only given to the Attacker never the Defender.

Anti Armor Expert is pretty simple kill all the vehicles first usually people will only get to take 2-4.

Completist hardest one but no strategy, get all the achievements.

No Prisoners has happened quite often in my store just table someone.

Tank Killers kill a vehicle pretty simple just pump enough fire power.

Hardened Leader is one of the ones you would think it would be easy but it can be hard if you take an all or nothing attack kind of thing.

Tank Commander is the same as above.

Defender of Freedom  is pretty simple just win using Allies.

Iron Cross Recipient is the same as above.

Civil Rivalry is pretty simple as above just play an opponent of the same faction and win.

Seasoned Veteran is pretty simple too. Show up to all of the event dates and get it.

Sticky Bomb pretty simple kill a vehicle with a tank, flamer, or bot hunter squad in one shot.

Attrition is again table someone.

Call to Arms is pretty hard same as No Prisoners but have 2 squads so you can get these 2 at the same time.

Surgical Strike is pretty hard especially if he is behind cover or in a squad you would have to pull something out your butt to get this or cheat with your opponent.

Heavy Weapons sounds pretty simple but can be super hard at the same time.

Unseen Enemy is basically sit your hero away from the battle and let him survive 8 turns.

Master Artillery Officer hasn’t come yet since command squads have not come out. But just have a bunch of command squads and a bunch of artillery.

Lieutenant General same as tactician haven’t a clue why it is put twice.


lotrhithero said...

Where do you get these objectives from, is it something specific to your league?

arkangl said...

the operation first strike gamer kit comes with 8 little sheets that have achievements on them for the 6 week league night. your game store will have more information on them.

lotrhithero said...

Don't have a local game store :(

arkangl said...

O well sorry to here that but thats how they set this thing up for. If your a college club I was told you can email them about it too.

CW said...

Cheers, I'll mail them and see if the can send a copy to the UK.