March 21, 2011

Discussion Monday – Allie Army Building for Tournaments and Game Leagues

So today I thought I would discuss army building, since there has been some time for people to get units that are coming out and people are acquiring more than one box of dust tactics.
I went to a tournament a couple of weeks ago and it was 150pts and I brought Joe 2 recon squads 1 bot hunter and 2 pounders.  What did I learn by playing this? I should have taken the BBQ squad instead of the 2 recon squads. They would have brought a faster paste to my army and allowed me to win certain games. I played Destruction and I was 1 tile away from winning and even though I tabled my opponent I didn’t win the game. The only negative to my using the BBQ Squad would be that I have 2 troops instead of 3 and the recon squads took a look of fire power so my Bot Hunters and Walkers could do their job. If it was 200pts I wouldn’t have worried because I would have added a squad of The Gunners and a BBQ Squad.
There are some other options that probably wouldn’t be as affective would be 13 squads of Recon Boys and Joe or 5 Pounders.
There are a couple of things I would think of in this game.
1) Mobility – If you need to claim an objective you want to be as fast as possible otherwise you will never get there.  That is where the BBQ squad and models with fast and assault come in handy.
2) Fire Power – Your probably want an equal squad of anti tank and anti infantry. This is a tough one to make because almost every squad is one or the other. Things to consider would be using The Gunners rather than the Bot Hunters against a large infantry army. Those grenade launchers can add extra against troops.
3) Balance – You don’t want to focus on one type and have your opponent be the complete opposite and beat you every time you face him. Try combining as much as possible a good tool to go by is look at the starter box 1 hero 3 troops and 2 walkers. That way you can have a little bit of everything in the army.

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