March 24, 2011

Homegrown Thursdays - New Dust Model's Walkers

 Terrain Destroyer - When the vehicle with this ability is in a square next to terrain he can take 1 action to destroy any kind of terrain. To destroy a piece of terrain roll a dice on a hit the piece is destroyed. This applies to Walls and Tank Traps for now.

I also reorganized the cards. Official cards are uptop and the ones I make are at the bottom.

Also if you have any ideas for cards other than WWII tanks (already have all the stuff just need to wait for the tank to come out) send me an email.


bilbo08 said...

Hi, nice cards. Can you upload Operation Cyclone heroe's cards? and the new walkers please? Thanks!

arkangl said...

I haven't even gotten my guys yet. The store I go to gets his shipment in today or tomorrow.

lotrhithero said...

I've a couple of cards I would like after finding some 1/50 diecast models in my attic, a Tiget 1, Panther, sdkfz7 and quad 20mm and a US half-track with quad .50" AA guns - fancy making them for me :)

Ryan said...

As an idle thought, I'd almost expect the bulldozer blade to be more effective against heavier/more armored targets and less useful against smaller ones. My thought would be that smaller guys are more agile to get out of the way or just don't get hurt as much from being flipped over, where as a giant tank would suffer more under it's own weight and less able to get out of the way.

Anyways, just a random idea!