March 17, 2011

No Homegrown Thursday

First off since the last couple of articles were posted a while ago, sorry if you affected or know someone who was affected by the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear problem in Japan.

Second there will not be new cards today for a reason. Saturday I am coming out with all the Red Blok vehicles from AT-43 for Russia, a fourth card for the Axis in the box, some new Dust models that I found for sale in Japan.

Third there is a Japanese hobby website that sell Dust models and right now they are having a sale. The pictures may not work or the website may be down due to the rolling black outs in Japan and they will be back up later. Make sure when you buy them you buy 1/48th ones not the 1/35th they will be too big and definitely not playable. Here He is also charging an extra 2% right now to support the victims in the earthquake and tsunami.

 The Baking Dog
Mickey AFV


Aldarion said...

How strange that these figures are not available on the dust-game you know if they come with a dust:tactics card? They look really nice

arkangl said...

Yea prob no cards. Apparently theyre in the catalog if you order other ones.